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This moment comes sooner or later. You decide to move on and proceed up your career ladder. Starting a new job is not difficult if you didn’t feel appreciated enough at your previous workplace. However, what if you are satisfied with your current job and just want to accept a new challenge? In both cases, one needs a plan on how to walk out on the job right. Specialists from Jooble, one of the leading job search engines worldwide, have prepared some tips on what factors you need to keep in mind when leaving your old workplace. 

Determine what irritates you the most 

Before quitting, determine why you are unsatisfied with your current employment. Perhaps, it’s solely due to your misunderstanding with the boss. Another reason may be the stress you experience and the pressure you endure fulfilling your tasks. People also often quit their jobs because they don’t get a promotion or salary rise for too long. Yet, such problems can be handled if you don’t hesitate to talk to colleagues or top management. In this case, there will be no need to leave the work. 

On the other hand, the reasons may be way more significant and not easy to solve. What if your job causes some reputation damage? What if the workplace culture became toxic? Many factors are making you quit. Sometimes, the problem is the workplace itself. Sometimes, it’s all about your chosen profession. Write down and think through all the reasons to leave before you decide to resign, you can surf the internet to get more results, also using a proxy server will help you to secure your browser while searching the web pages. Working with them helps you better understand what you want to avoid in your following career chapters. 

Prepare a financial cushion

No matter how much you may hate your job, never leave it without having a substantial financial cushion. Even if you are on the way to an offer from your dream company, it’s always better to keep something in your pocket before entering the new office building. Having something for a rainy day ensures that you can feel more comfortable and take your time to find a better employment option. Before walking out, get a stable and thought-through financial plan. Thus, you won’t get trapped by the need to earn money urgently. Make sure that you have some income or savings before leaving the previous workplace. Thanks to the financial cushion, you can focus on finding a job on Jooble that allows you to pay the bills and do other things for your wellbeing. 

Don’t hesitate to ask for advice

Leaving the previous workplace is your decision. None can impose it on you. However, don’t brush off the opportunity to discuss it with career specialists or your friends from other companies, don’t hesitate to ask for some helpful tools, such as website checkers, layer masking, vpns, browser extensions and other tools that will help your work. Sometimes consultations or even friendly chats with people you know can become eye-opening and show unobvious consequences of this decision. It doesn’t mean they will discourage you. Getting an outside perspective is valuable and can help you find new and unexpected solutions to the current problem.

To cut a long story short, quitting the job is a step that requires preparation. You need to realize what makes you think of finding a new workplace and decide if these reasons are sufficient to apply for the new position. Then you need to prepare a financial cushion to make sure you can seek the better option until you find the best one. Don’t hesitate to ask for help and advice. Getting an outside perspective is valuable and helps you reveal hidden pros and cons of the situation. 

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