How To File A Divorce In Missouri?


    Do you want to file a divorce case against your dear ones? If yes, then you need to know certain norms that you have to maintain at your end. Filing a divorce case is a tough decision in your life. Your relationship status may be poor, but despite that, if you want a divorce from your husband or spouse and if you have children.

    You need to consider all the small and significant facts while getting the divorce cases in your favor. In mutual divorces between the two parties, the circumstances may be simple and easy to handle. You have to know the exact situation for making the correct decision for your business.

    Essential Facts To Consider While Filing A Divorce Case In Missouri   

    Several essential facts are there that you need to consider while filing a divorce case in Missouri. Let’s explore facts that can help you to achieve your objectives in a better way.

    1. Determine Whether Or Not You Need A Missouri Divorce lawyer 

    There may be two extremes in your divorce cases. The first is that you would like to file and fight your divorce case by yourself and the second one is that you can seek the help of a divorce lawyer on your behalf to make the settlement. The cost of divorce in Missouri is quite costly.

    In return for your investments in Missouri for your divorce lawyer, you can make informed decisions regarding your case. There may be a scenario when you may require child custody, legal filings of the property. In such cases, the help of your lawyer can make your life easy.

    2. Figure Out The Court Where You Want To File Your Divorce Case   

    All the countries and the state of St Louis are divided into 46 judicial circuits. If you want to file a divorce case in Missouri, you must be a state resident for at least 90 days. After this time period is over, you can file the divorce case to the place or the county where your spouse lives.

    To file a divorce case, you have to file the dissolution of the marriage. You have to fill up the form and the court zip code to file your divorce case. You have to fill up the country-specific norms to file your divorce case.

    3. Fill Out The Appropriate Parenting & Family Documentation   

    If you have a child or children under 18, you have to fill this form to get custody of the children. These children may be involved in divorce cases unknowingly without their wishes. Who will be responsible for the child custody and child support is very important here.

    There are two kinds of form that you need to fill up for the documentation:-

    • For the declaration of the paternity Forms packet, mothers petition.
    • For the declaration of the paternity forms pocket Father’s petition is also required.

    4. File A Petition For Dissolution Of  Document   

    For the dissolution of the marriage between the two parties, you have to fill up sixty-six package documents of the Missouri Supreme Court. There are eight essential forms that every divorce petitioners have to fill up for getting the divorce from their partners:

    • Marriage Dissolution petition.
    • Certificate for the dissolution of the marriage.
    • Income and expense statement.
    • Separation agreement statement for the property and the debt.
    • Respondents answer for the answer of the petition of the dissolution of marriage.
    • Marriage dissolution judgment certificate.
    • For making the filing of the information sheet.
    • Parenting plan.

    You have to fill up all these marriage dissolution documents to complete your marriage dissolution process.

    5. Inform The Court Of Your Divorce   

    After you have completed all the documentation process, you can file the divorce case in the Missouri court and inform the court of your decision. You have to plan things out to file the divorce case in court. Ensure that you have made the right decisions from your end.

    You can seek the help of a divorce lawyer in this case who can help you in making the process of your separation easy. You have to plan things in such a way that no complications must not arise later.


    Hence, these are some of the norms you need to maintain to win your divorce case in Missouri. You cannot rule out these procedures while you are filing a divorce case in Missouri. You can follow the above guidelines to make the process of the divorce case smooth.

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