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3 Major Things You Should Know About IT Services


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Are you thinking of using Managed IT services?

Managed IT services bring a lot of benefits, which is why 64% of companies use some form of managed services. But if you’ve never used them before, it can be daunting thinking about how they’d fit into your current setup.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Read on for these 3 major things you need to know about IT services before hiring them.

1. You Get Remote Help

If you’re used to an in-house team, introducing a managed IT service will be a bit of a shift. What are IT services? Well, there are three options to choose from.

Monitoring Only

The first piece of IT service information to note is a monitoring-only approach. Your IT service tracks your on-site applications and network from their remote location.

They do this by installing programs that:

  • collect data
  • track problems
  • collect performance reports

This all goes back to your IT service’s data center. Staff can even use remote access to connect to your computers for help as soon as it’s needed.

Application Delivery

The second option is where they provide a cloud-based network setup. Using the cloud, they’ll pair it with their own applications from their data center. Or they will resell services from their chosen cloud service provider. Either way, they cover all your data and application needs.

Mixed Services

There is a third option too if you need a little of both. You can combine the services with the on-site monitoring you need. But, if you have larger data needs, or want access to applications you don’t have, they can provide that too.

2. They Bring Professional Organization

When you hire a managed it service, they will implement a number of IT best practices. Regular password changes, checking hardware, setting up authentication, it’s all vital. And when in place it makes the job much easier for your IT staff.

But your workers need to know why your managed IT team is there. They’re not there to work on personal computer issues, and it would be rude to expect them to.

Of course, a few tips here and there won’t be a hardship, but they’re there to focus on your work systems. After all, you wouldn’t ask an electrician to fit a light fixture for you outside of their job, would you?

3. MSPs Aren’t a Threat to Your Internal IT Team

When thinking of hiring an IT service, many business owners worry about their staff. They worry that it might mean they’re replacing their current internal IT team.

Depending on your IT needs, it’s not always the case that you’ll be replacing your team. It’s one of the biggest IT service facts that most companies that use them keep their existing IT team. It’s a chance to reprioritize them.

Most IT service providers will work as an extended part of your team to fill in the gaps you’re missing. They’ll work on things like cloud infrastructure and optimizing your network. Click to learn more about how they could help your business.

Information About IT Services Made Easy

So, there you have it! Now you know these 3 facts about IT services, the decision should be easy.

An IT service can work alongside your existing team so they’re free for other projects. They’ll handle all the other day-to-day busywork. It’s a flexible service, providing remote help for all your business IT needs.

If you found this article helpful, check out our other blog posts today!

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