How to Build a Blogging Strategy for Your Small Business

Your competitors are blogging. Why aren’t you?

Introducing a blog can boost website traffic by nearly 45%. Plus, 77% of web visitors consume blog content.

It’s hard to ignore these numbers, so what’s the next step?

Adding a blog is the easy part. Your challenge is to build a blogging strategy that encourages clicks, shares, and trust.

Let’s discover the potential of your blog!

Who Is Your Audience?

If you run an HR business, it wouldn’t make sense to have a pest control blog. Your first step is to define your audience.

You already know that your readers are interested in human resources. These readers are likely business owners, HR professionals, and aspiring HR pros. Diversity and inclusion (D&I) professionals are another growing demographic.

Market research reveals even more details about your target audience. Age ranges, location, values, and education are important for nailing the tone of your content.

If you want to generate traffic from a particular zip code, optimize your blog with local SEO. Create local topics, find local keywords, and optimize metadata with local information.

Build a Blogging Strategy with Authority

You’ve defined your audience, but do they trust you?

Readers trust authoritative content. You must convince readers that you’re an authority in your niche.

Don’t worry. This part isn’t as scary as it sounds. You don’t have to be the world’s foremost HR expert to write a blog on human resources.

First, nail down the Google EAT method for authoritative content. Optimize your content with studies, numbers, and facts. Back up your information with high-authority citations.

Conduct your own studies! This trick is a great way to get more sites to link to your blog. You could even turn your studies into shareable infographics.

Hire a team of writers. Ask them to highlight their experience in their bios. Bylines increase content authority.

Write with an active voice. This style creates a more authoritative tone.

Create a Blogging Toolbox

Your final step is to automate your blogging strategy.

No, robots won’t be writing your blog. However, automation ensures your blog never skips a beat.

Let’s say you want to create a high-volume blog. You’ll need to buy blog content from an agency, then automate the posts.

Don’t schedule them for any random time. Look at your metrics to discover the best posting times. You can automate your blog to post at peak reading times.

Understanding your blog schedule maximizes views, shares, and clicks. You can automate social media posts, cross-posting, and email shares too.

Do you use WordPress?

Experiment with automated blog plugins!

Use plugins to automate a table of contents for each post. Some plugins even share old posts on social media. Try a newsletter plugin to drive more traffic to posts.

Start Blogging Now

Don’t wait to start your blog. It’s so easy to add one to your site. Use these tips to build a blogging strategy that gets you noticed!

Bloggers must keep up with the trends. Follow this blog to stay updated on trending topics.


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