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Everything You Need to Know About Home Security for Doors


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Do you worry about the security of your home? If you rely only on a locking doorknob, chances are your home is not too secure.

But thanks to technology, it’s now possible to secure your home with door locks that didn’t exist years ago. We’ve come a long way from the days of old keys and keyholes- and simple doorknob locking mechanisms.

Today we have access to alarm systems that can keep an eye on our home 24/7. With smartphones, it’s possible to see the interiors and exteriors of our homes wherever we may be.

Here’s a quick overview of home security for doors that can help you feel safe.

1. Video Locks

Video locks have become increasingly popular, as the technology has become less expensive. There are around five companies that manufacture video locks, so there’s something for every budget.

video doorbell offers an added layer of security because it allows you to speak with the person at your door and see who they are before you open it.

Street-facing video doorbell cams have even been known to catch crimes happening in neighborhoods!

They’re also a great security asset if you live without many front-facing windows or want to gather evidence of door-to-door peddlers who shouldn’t be in your neighborhood.

2. Monitored Security Systems

Sometimes a simple security camera system is not enough. If that’s the case, it makes sense to sign up for a monitored security system. Monitored systems are attended to 24/7 by security professionals who watch over your property, and if necessary call the police.

Having security on standby is a great option if you live alone or are worried about an elderly parent who lives alone. They’re the next best thing to having on-site security patrolling your property.

3. Window and Door Sensor Monitors

Another way to burglar-proof your home is to install a magnetic door alarm system. Most kits also include devices for windows. These systems use magnet sets that trigger alarms if doors or windows are opened. They’re an economical way to ensure that your home stays sealed at all times.

4. Motion Alarms

Motion detectors can spot burglars approaching your house and turn on a light or set off an audible alarm. Depending on the system you choose, you could even get an alert on your phone if an intruder is detected.

Most motion sensors are able to tell the difference between a small pet or a squirrel and a human. So you don’t have to worry about being unnecessarily woken up at night.

5. Security Bars

In addition to electronic security systems, break-ins can also be prevented by mechanical tools like security bars. Security bars prop under doorknobs or in the track of a sliding door. They prevent both types of doors from swinging or sliding open. Security bars are also effective for use in windows, which makes them an affordable and practical option.

How to Choose the Best Home Security for Doors and Windows in Your Home

So what’s the best choice of home security for doors? Most people go with a combination of electronic and mechanical security features. If you’re on a tight budget, one or two cameras may be enough. You may also combine a doorbell cam and window sensors. Whatever your budget, there’s a security system that will help you feel safer.

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