How to Best Use Your Living Space

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Buying a new property is both fun and intimidating. There are so many elements to consider. When you finalize the purchase, it is time to think about organising the space. Even if you bought a bigger property, it won’t make a difference if you used the space poorly. 

Using the space properly is crucial for small apartments where every inch plays a role. I wanted to learn from the experts, so I talked to experienced real estate agents at Neuman & Neuman, and used their expertise on how to best use the space I have, and how to improve maneuverability and accessibility.

Sliding Door

They look interesting, innovative and fun, but more importantly they save a lot of space. Anyone who spends some time in an apartment with modular doors will quickly learn how much more space there is now that doors are never ‘’in the way’’. 

You can also choose between different designs to fit your preferred style. Whether you lean towards wooden, white doors that inspire warmth of a home or, maybe a steel, industrial option to go along with your kitchen appliances, the advantage of more space is always guaranteed.

Wall Mirrors

Wall mirrors are amazing. Not only do they save a lot of space, but they create an illusion of a bigger room. Natural light also reflects nicely off of a wall mirror. You can place them anywhere you like. Some people even put them on ceilings.

Nesting Tables

Nesting tables are fun and practical. You can easily rearrange them and play around with the space. They offer much more flexibility than regular tables because you can stack them underneath and pull out whenever needed. They also look cute.

Bay Windows

Bay Windows can be put to a much better use if you own one in your apartment. You can use that space to create more sitting spots, and beneath those create storage cases. Also, the view from a bay window is amazing, it would quickly become your guest’s favorite area.

Clever Storage

When you take a good look at your apartment you would notice a lot of unused space. Especially on the walls, above doors or under stairs. You can opt for custom-made shelves to fill that space fully. 

Even if it is hard to reach, that doesn’t matter much because you would place items that you don’t use that often. This will also add a taste of uniqueness to your home and combine style and practicality. 

You can use that space for toys, shoes or clothes. Encourage yourself to move away from traditional ways of storing and try to use your space to the fullest.

Modular Furniture

Modular storage offers a lot of flexibility. You can customize what you want to use and arrange in a way that suits your needs best. This type of furniture is recommended for any space, the way it’s designed is pleasing to the eye, and it allows for constant modification and upgrade. Your living room becomes a playground. Modular doors allow you to hide any undesirable clutter.

Glass Walls

If you want to separate the living space, but, at the same time, preserve the feel of a bigger room, then glass walls are an option to consider. They allow for unobstructed transition, and still keep the established level of coziness. Additionally, they don’t prevent natural light from reaching all parts of your home. 

Consult The Pros

If you are unsure about your living space, and would like to bring someone with a keen eye to have a look and give some suggestions you should definitely do so. There’s nothing more rewarding in a home than knowing you used every part of it to create something lovely and useful.

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