Everything You Should Know About the Lean Six Sigma Methodology

    Everything You Should Know About the Lean Six Sigma Methodology

    Have you heard about the lean six sigma methodology? If you’re interested in improving your business, you may want to learn about it. During the first five years, around 45 percent of companies fail!

    Many businesses don’t last because people don’t know how to plan. Knowing how to improve productivity and decrease waste can be essential to organizations. Keep on reading to learn how lean six sigma tools could help your business become a success.

    Lean Six Sigma Methodology

    Lean six sigma principles get based on a philosophy designed to improve working conditions. It uses data to reduce workplace waste and variations in processes.

    The lean six sigma methodology uses a team-based approach by combining tools and lean methods. These work together to assure quality production.

    The focus is on removing wasted time and resources during the process. It is also about eliminating errors.

    The key acronyms of lean six sigma methodologies are DMAIC and DMADV. DMAIC stands for define, measure, analyze, improve, and control. DMADV stands for define, measure, analyze, design, and validate.

    Lean Six Sigma Training

    Training will involve learning the lean six sigma principles to follow. You can take courses to learn different aspects of lean six sigma. Some organizations like to focus on the lean six sigma belts for their employees.

    You may want to take a lean six sigma course to enhance your knowledge or work toward certification. During training you will get lean six sigma tools and techniques to help you solve problems.

    The lean six sigma method will help you use the tools to find the root causes of the problems to get solved. Then, you will be able to install the right solution.

    Lean Six Sigma Belts

    When you go through lean six sigma training, you will get familiar with the different belts. There are different levels, and the one you reach will determine the color belt you get. The colors signify your skill set.

    The colors are white, yellow, green, and black. A white belt means you are in the beginning phase of lean six sigma training. When you become a master black belt, you get considered an expert in lean six sigma principles.

    The colors for lean six sigma belts get compared to martial arts color belts. That is why the expert level is a black belt. Each one gives you more knowledge of the lean six sigma method.

    Using Lean Six Sigma Tools

    Putting lean six sigma methodology into action will help any company. You can know stats, but you must be able to communicate with key stakeholders.

    You will get a variety of tools to help you interact with customers and coworkers. You can use statistical analytics to show information. Often, a dashboard will get used to display data that is easy to understand by the organization.

    Learning lean six sigma gives you a structured way to solve various problems. The goal is to make improvements, reduce waste, and give customers want they want. Check out our other articles for more innovative business tips!