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Change GPS Location on iPhone with Dr.Fone-Virtual Location (iOS) (for Gaming)


People have been fooling their smartphone apps into thinking they are somewhere else for a long time. It’s called global positioning system (GPS) spoofing. And while there are definitely illegal reasons to do so, there are also many legal ones to fake GPS location on iPhone, for example.

Anyone addicted to Pokémon Go who just sprained their ankle or been covered in snow know what I’m talking about. You still have to play. And when the game is reliant on GPS, as a lot of location-based augmented reality games do, your iPhone should indicate that you’ve actually gotten off the couch. At that time, questions like “how can I change GPS location on my phone” often arise.

  • Reasons to fake your GPS

There are several reasons why people incorporate fake GPS. It is sometimes used simply for privacy reasons. In addition to using your Internet IP address to track you, businesses and services can use your GPS to track you. With GPS spoofing, you can hide your location. (Note: trimming GPS tracking is now easier with iOS 13, so you have that option too.)

If you convince your GPS and all the applications that work with it that you are in a certain place, any services available there, but not yours, may be available to you. This is a use for virtual private networks that is most often associated with geo-restrictions on streaming services like movies, but it can also work with GPS spoofing. A VPN will alter your IP address while a fake GPS will alter your GPS coordinates.

 In addition to using your Internet IP address such as to track you, businesses and services can use your GPS to track you.

Another popular reason for GPS spoofing is throwing a wider net into the online dating game. You might feel like you’ve exhausted the ranks of eligible singles or bachelors in your area, but the next city or two seems to be on the agenda, if only distance wasn’t a detour for your prey.

You can also fake GPS location on iPhone to impress your friends on social media or play a prank. You could be living on the COVID-19 block in California, wearing the same unwashed pajamas you were wearing a few weeks ago. But you can make your Instagram followers appear to be walking the pyramids of Egypt. Then why not? In times of quarantine, we need our entertainment by any means necessary.

Imagine you are playing an AR game like Pokemon Go. It would be dangerous if you played the game in any place, for example in a bustling city with vehicles passing by. You certainly will not risk your life to hunt Pokemon. You can fake your GPS location and even your movements so you can navigate your area safely. In other words, you can hunt Pokemon only in the comfort of your bedroom.

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And the best part is, whatever the reason for spoofing your GPS location with an iPhone, Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS) now makes it easy, no jailbreak. While Apple doesn’t support GPS spoofing, changing location isn’t just for Android smartphones anymore.

Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS) is an easier alternative to iSpoofer PC for iPhone in a gaming context. Some users find iSpoofer frustrating. They are limited by iTunes-related errors, and are likely to attract in-game warnings. Some even report banning the player’s account due to detected movement restrictions.


  • Features of  Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS)

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Wondershare’s Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS) has a simple, secure and stable way to spoof your GPS. With this location changer, you can teleport your iPhone’s GPS to anywhere in the world with just one click. The application sets a virtual GPS location so that all other applications based on your phone’s location believe it is there.

How to fake the GPS location of your iPhone

Once you launch the application on your computer and connect your iPhone, Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS) offers three modes: teleporting your location, simulating movement between two points, and simulating movement along a specific route.

Here are the steps:

1. First of all, you have to download Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS). Then, install it and launch it.


2. You will see various options. Click the “Virtual Location” option.


3. Then make sure your iPhone is connected to your computer. After that, click “Get Started.”


4. You will see a map showing your current location. If you feel the location on the map is inaccurate, you can click the Center On icon.


5. The fifth step is to activate the teleport mode. Click the third icon at the top right of the screen. You will be shown a sort of search box. Type in the new location you want (your fake location). In this case it is Rome, Italy.



6. You will see a pop-up box. Click “Move Here.” Once you click that, your GPS location will change to Rome, as will your location in any GPS location based apps you use. Congratulations, you have successfully faked your location!




Define a route and set speed

Once configured with a fake GPS, it can mimic natural movement. This is useful for AR games. You can change GPS location on phone by defining a route by selecting two or more points, then moving simulating a typical speed on foot, by bicycle or by car. You can also set a “pause time” during the movement to make it appear more natural.


Use the joystick to freely simulate GPS movement

Whether you are in teleport, one-stop or multi-stop mode, you can use a joystick to save 90% of the work on GPS motion control.

Auto switch

With one click, you can make the GPS point move automatically. Addresses can be edited in real time.

360-degree directions

You can also set 360-degree directions. Move forward or backward by clicking the up or down arrows.

Keyboard control

On the keyboard, you can use the letter keys W, A, S, and D, or the up, down, left, and right arrow keys, to control GPS movement.


Impersonation risk

Jailbreaking your device alters the native settings by nature, so it may cause problems on its own. It’s also worth noting that malicious websites and apps are often blocked based on location, so “teleporting” to another international location can expose you to them. With Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS), jailbreaking your device to spoof your location is your past. However, caution is needed in this case because once you are detected for spoofing, you will be banned by the game provider. So use Dr.Fone – Virtual Location wisely.

Finally, you can rely on this app to change GPS location on iPhone. No experience needed! Just follow the simple steps given and you can change your location as you wish. We hope this post was helpful. Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

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