Adaptable Solutions: The Versatility of Isothane Spray Foam Products

Adaptable Solutions: The Versatility of Isothane Spray Foam Products

For over a quarter-century, Isothane has established itself as a leading figure in the high-tech world of spray foam insulation production and installation. Over these decades, our wealth of knowledge and experience has accumulated, allowing us to offer innovative solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.

One of the standout aspects of our spray foam products is their adaptability.

They’re suitable for a wide array of challenging domestic and commercial projects, ensuring every insulation need is met. Each of our formulations undergoes rigorous testing to guarantee they adhere to the highest standards of quality and performance. In addition, we work strategically with our partners, ensuring our products are continuously reviewed and improved to leverage the latest technological advancements.

At Isothane, we provide our clients with a comprehensive range of services, from consulting to spray foam installation. We are committed to delivering superior quality products at competitive prices, coupled with outstanding service every single time.

ProductPropertiesTypical Uses
Duratherm®KIWA-approved closed-cell spray foam. Effective for roof stabilization and reducing air leakage. High-performance levels.Retrofit insulation and stabilization for roofs, new build insulation, loft conversion insulation, commercial building insulation.
AGRISPRAY® OSRigid spray foam free of harmful chemicals. Strong, fire-resistant, adheres well to surfaces, provides excellent insulation, energy-saving, and offers structural stabilization.All types of insulation projects, particularly effective in cold storage, refrigeration, and freezer units. Also suitable for residential homes and various commercial properties.
PIRTHANE® 0Fire-resistant, low thermal conductivity, lightweight, great adhesive properties. Can withstand high wind speeds and vibrations.Primarily used for thermal insulation and condensation prevention. Ideal for insulating concrete soffits or floor slabs, and the interior of commercial buildings. Perfect for complex surface structures.


The process of applying spray foam to any building, whether it’s a home or a business, begins by checking the space and deciding which foam insulation is right for the task.

A certified Isothane spray foam installer will perform a thorough inspection and evaluation, then suggest the right spray foam products and how to apply them for the job. After that, they’ll conduct a comprehensive safety assessment and plan to make sure all safety precautions are in place before starting any work.

When the installation starts, our certified installers will carefully apply the spray foam products to the necessary area. To do this, they use various specialized tools like airless sprayers, air-assisted sprayers, and portable rigs. The installers will then work on covering all surfaces evenly and correctly while following any relevant building codes or industry guidelines.

After the spray foam has been put on, our installers will make sure they follow all safety rules while they do checks after the application. These checks include visual inspections and a fire test, as well as providing complete paperwork for the project once it’s finished. We also offer help and advice on-site, so our customers can make the most out of their spray foam insulation system.

Lastly, they will give support and advice after the installation, helping you get the best results and making sure your spray foam insulation system keeps working well. All our installers have a lot of experience with installing and taking care of spray foam systems, so you can relax knowing your project is in good hands.

Isothane spray foam products have a broad range of applications for commercial and domestic projects. We continually test our formulations to uphold high standards and keep them up-to-date with technological progress.

Apart from being RoSPA members, we are ISO14001 (environmental management), ISO9001 (quality control management), and ISO18001 (occupational health and safety) validated. If you wish to find an approved spray foam installer in your area, contact us for more details.

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