Signs Your Air Conditioner Wasn’t Installed Correctly

Signs Your Air Conditioner Wasn’t Installed Correctly

Comfort in summer depends on having a fully functional air conditioner. However, just because you have an air conditioner doesn’t imply it’s performing at peak efficiency.

The effectiveness of an air conditioner in cooling a home without significantly increasing energy expenditure begins with its installation. It is unlikely that you will be able to get your air conditioner working properly without having a professional look at it.

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1. Performance Issues:

There are a lot of moving parts in air conditioners, but their purpose is actually rather simple. There are a number of potential causes if the air conditioner is not doing its job.

Problems with efficiency can result from a number of factors, including an incorrect sizing or load calculation, an uncalibrated thermostat, or a poor connection to the ductwork. If your air conditioner is less than ten years old and isn’t working properly, it’s likely because the expert who installed it didn’t give it a thorough look over afterward.

2. Reduced Airflow:

Poor AC installations are a common source of inadequate airflow. A lot of the cooled air could be escaping into your home’s crawlspace or walls if the interior unit isn’t correctly connected to the ducts.

Energy and money are being wasted due to air leakage. Incorrect load calculations might also lead to low airflow. An air conditioner with excessive or insufficient capacity could be installed if the person who installs it fails to accurately determine the cooling load of your home.

3. Mischarge of the Refrigerant:

Professional technicians should fill your new conditioning system according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. The Department of Energy warns that inefficient performance and energy waste might result from incorrectly charging the refrigerant.

If there isn’t enough refrigerant in the system, your home won’t be properly cooled or dehumidified. If the air conditioner has too much refrigerant, the compressor could be damaged.

4. Different Sounds:

A well operating air conditioner will make a steady buzzing sound. However, if you hear any particularly loud banging or clanking, it’s time to call in an AC maintenance professional.

An improperly installed outdoor compressor is a common source of disturbing rattling sounds. The compressor will shake and create strange noises if it is not positioned securely. It’s also possible that the fan’s blades are out of balance.

5. Uneven Cooling:

Improper fitting of the air conditioner may be to blame if you find that certain rooms are significantly cooler than others. Inadequate sizing of the ductwork is a possible cause.

If the ducts are too small, the air conditioner won’t be able to distribute cooled air to every room. It’s also possible that the ducts themselves are poorly insulated. Because of this, the air may cool excessively before it enters the rooms, leading to inconsistencies in temperature.

6. Dripping Water:

As an air conditioner cools the air, condensation forms. However, as the water drips and builds up, it must have a drain. Air conditioners that are functioning properly will not leak or cause pools of water to form. If the condenser pan is not perfectly level, water will leak. Incorrect AC installation may be indicated by the presence of water near either the inside air handler or the outside unit.

7. Ductwork Problem:

The efficiency of an air conditioner relies on properly sized, fitted, and sealed ductwork. The consequences of failing to do so can be severe. Ninety-three percent of installations, according to a study, have duct leakage that might be prevented with optimal installation procedures.

You can’t think this is a minor issue. If your ducts are leaking air, your air conditioning costs could increase. Another issue is that duct leaks tend to get worse as time passes. If you want to make sure that everything is properly set up for you to get the most of your air conditioning system, make sure to get the best professional help from Air conditioning installation Ottawa.

8. Excessive Cycling:

On really hot days, your air conditioner may have more regular cooling cycles, but that doesn’t mean it should seem like it’s restarting every few minutes. Get a professional AC repair service to come and assess the situation for you. If your air conditioner was installed improperly, a simple tune-up may not be enough and you may need to replace it.