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7 Surprising Benefits of Salesforce That’ll Boost Your Small Business

With an annual GDP of close to $20 trillion, America’s household spending is currently the highest globally.

The country boasts of having close to 325 million customers under its sleeves. With such market potential, small businesses need to integrate platforms to ensure improved sales conversion when dealing with clientele.

For your business to tap into the growing American consumer market, you need an approach fit enough to drive the consumer journey. Salesforce has emerged as one of the best platforms to help businesses take advantage of the growing consumer market.

The benefits of salesforce are evident among companies that currently use the platform. This is more so among small enterprises that opt to hire experienced salesforce developers.

Are you stuck trying to find ways to boaster sales while in control of your customer’s purchase journey? Here, we reflect on the reasons why salesforce could be your best solution. These are some of the benefits of the salesforce.

1. Salesforce Helps You Know Your Customers Better

You can’t sell your products or services to strangers. You need to know your clients and their preferences for you to win over their loyalty. One of the most invaluable aspects of double-digit sales is knowledge of your customers’ history.

Salesforce helps you keep a neat record of everything you might need to know about your clients and their history of purchases. The platform enables you to keep a close record of every query and concern the customer may have made in their purchase journey. This allows your customer service teams always to remain up-to-date about specific clients.

2. Salesforce Helps You Develop Highly Converting Leads

Until today, most businesses have often used a spray gun approach to marketing. The results can be frustrating, especially when targeting a broad and, at times, ambiguous market. You don’t want to end up shooting in the dark in a bid to woo clients.

Salesforce helps you market your products and services to customers with the highest potential of conversion. The platform helps your business build customer profiles for new clients that resemble those of existing customers.

With such an advantage, you have the guarantee of closing deals faster. You also have a more straightforward marketing journey.

3. Convenience

Modern technology will be the next frontier of business growth. However, new technology often introduces a concern related to complex setup procedures for most users. Finding a platform that introduces user-friendliness for your business is a plus.

Salesforce offers a level of convenience for your business when it comes to user-friendliness that’s non-comparable to most other platforms. The option allows you to log-in to the system anytime and anywhere without the complexities common in most other similar technologies.

As long as you have Wi-Fi, you can access business-related information, converse with colleagues, and update customer information on the cloud.

Such extents of convenience make your sales journey easy. You also get to save on time to gather information and communicate with colleagues about specific sales-related issues.

4. Ease of Customization

The best thing about modern technology is that it offers a unique aspect of customization. This means that you can tailor-make your salesforce application to suit your specific needs. You also have limitless options when it comes to updating your system to fit varying needs.

Unlike other platforms that often break or lose data, salesforce guarantees you consistency for all your customized information. The advantage helps you keep accurate data of specific customers based on certain unique characteristics. Businesses that will thrive in the modern business world need such a platform that enhances customization.

5. One-Stop Solution

If you wonder what benefits of salesforce your business can derive, you need to think about its ability to unify operations. Salesforce is the only business platform that provides one platform that integrates all your business customer needs with various operations levels.

Salesforce has a unique multitenant architecture that helps bring together multiple departments into one integrated system. The outcome is better service delivery. Having all the data in one platform helps make the purchase journey from start to end easy and seamless.

6. Impressive Reporting Tools

Once the sales process is over, you want to look back to assess your performance. Simplified reporting is among the benefits of salesforce every business should consider.

All you need to do is to hire salesforce developer. The developer then works around developing a system that ensures easy reporting after each specific period.

A sound reporting system helps your company keep track of sales and revenues. You also get to have a clear understanding of which products are fast-moving. Reporting also helps you compare sales for varying periods.

If you want a tool that will ensure ease of end-of-day reporting, then salesforce is your solution.

7. Mobile Friendly

Over half of U.S. millennial-owned small businesses are using mobile apps. With such statistics, it would be essential to consider a business platform that’s highly mobile-friendly. This way, you can manage all your business processes remotely without having to always be in a physical office.

Introducing an aspect of mobile-friendliness is among the main benefits of using salesforce.

You only need to have a smartphone that meets the minimum requirements to download the salesforce mobile app. This way, you and all your staff will have automatic access to the cloud through your mobile phones. Such a tool makes the process of monitoring business operations easy and fast.

You also have the assurance of greater customization of the salesforce app. This is a significant plus for your business when it comes to user experience.

These Are the Core Benefits of Salesforce

As businesses adopt the digital transformation journey, there’s an increasing need to find platforms that can bolster growth. One of the emerging solutions to better customer experience and improved sales is the integration of salesforce software.

Despite the many advantages salesforce introduces, many businesses are yet to integrate it into their systems. However, these seven benefits of salesforce should arouse any digital-transformation cautious company towards urgent software integration into their operations.

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