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5 Ways You Could Use Cable Trunking


A report released by the U.S. Fire Administration identified a shocking 19% of fires in commercial/public buildings occur due to electrical problems. But how can you work to prevent some of these fires from even happening?

Cable trunking—the practice of encasing wiring in aluminum cable trunking—can prevent some of these fires and offer more organizational benefits.

Keep reading to learn more about five ways cable trunk installation could be a game-changer in your business.

1. Organize Your Cables

The most obvious use for cable trunking is simply to organize cables. Whether you have a small office or a massive industrial warehouse, loose cables are not just unsightly—they’re dangerous.

Cables cause many physical impediments including tripping hazards. A mishmash of cables can also prevent staff from accessing equipment. If cabling systems get out of control, tech staff may see a drop in productivity while trying to navigate a disorganized cabling system.

Organize your cables for a safer, neater, more efficient business space. Present yourself well to clients and make work simpler for staff. Check out cable trunking suppliers like Cable Management Warehouse Ltd. to find solutions for organizing cables and more.

2. Keep Cool

Server rooms are well known for ventilation requirements. Dangerous overheating in these tight, tech-heavy spaces can damage equipment or even lead to fire hazards. Disorganized cabling in these spaces can reduce ventilation and increase the heat.

Computer cable trunking in server rooms can help prevent dangerous overheating in a space where every degree comes at a premium.

3. Prevent Friction

Exterior wear on cables is possible due to the friction of a bundle moving together or damage from other objects. Wear on the cable insulation can expose wiring, presenting hazards for function, fire, and electrical shock.

Trunk cables to keep them from rubbing against each other or becoming vulnerable to nicks and cuts from exterior sources.

4. Protect from Moisture

Cables and electrical wires are always vulnerable to moisture intrusion, especially if there is any wear on the edge of the insulation of the cable or at connections. Trunking cables can keep them dry in all manner of circumstances.

Cables can be shielded from flooding and leaks when encased in cable trunking. Trunking also allows you to easily gather cables up off the ground, meaning they are less likely to get caught in flooding water.

5. Incorporate Fire Stopping

Cables running between rooms and floors are a serious fire hazard, just by mere existence. These integrated tunnels throughout a building provide a network of paths for fire to travel.

When you apply the correct type of cable trunking, you can also include fire stops to delineate spaces and prevent spread in the case of a fire.

Utilize Cable Trunking for a Safer Space

These five ways to use cable trunking can make your space more organized, cooler, and safer. Opting to install cable trunking is a smart idea to prevent fires and more.

Want to know more about cable safety? Learn more about tech and electrical safety in our other tech articles.

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