What Is Integrated Logistics? 5 Fast Facts

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The global logistics market is forecasted to be worth $12.7 billion by 2027. There is a range of different logistics management options companies select. And one of the most recent avenues is integrated logistics.

Integrated logistics is changing the way the logistics market works. It uses traditional methods but also connects with all stages of the supply chain. As a result, the company you hire becomes your team that handles all of your logistical needs.

Are you interested in learning more? Read on to learn five facts about integrated logistics!

1. Integration of Business Functions

Companies such as Broekman Logistics work with all parts of the supply chain. Integrated logistics management focuses on production, supply, marketing, and other logistical needs.

It allows you to stay on top of demand and have greater flexibility to adapt to demand and changes.

2. Logistics Management Measurements

The integrated logistics team measures various indicators to ensure your logistics is efficient. For example, they measure workloads, processes, and the resources needed.

Using a logistics company ensures a streamlined approach. There is more collaboration and trust. As there is more control and visibility, you can focus on your business as your logistics are handled.

3. Reduce Your Waste Impact

Integrated logistics helps reduce business waste. Supply chain waste has an impact on efficiency and the environment.

One logistics company can create more sustainable practices as they are in control. If something unpredictable happens, they can respond as effectively as possible.

4. Integrated Logistics Saves Money

You can save on your logistics management costs with integrated logistics support. One team can establish relationships, negotiate better deals and create competitive prices. In addition, the transparency over processes allows you to make processes more economical.

You will also have fewer overheads. For example, you do not have to worry about in-house logistics training or cover if people are on leave.

A logistics company may also provide storage, such as warehouses. And often storage is in a location close to transport. And companies can provide vehicles, which saves you time and money.

5. Long-Term Logistics Company

Outsourcing logistics to one company allows a single point of contact. If the company works well with your business, you can create a long-term relationship. They will maintain best practices while working to evolve your company’s logistics.

Having a long-term integrated logistics team will also create consistency within your company. They will learn about your processes and be familiar with your company. The lean system will require minimal support and continue to offer returns.

Optimize Workflow with Integrated Logistics

Integrated logistics offers an efficient logistics solution. It is an area that continues to evolve, but now you know some facts about it!

With the right company, you can get the most out of your logistics process with minimal effort. Find a company with the right expertise for your business. They will manage and improve your logistics, so you can focus on other areas of your business.

It is helpful to consider digital platforms for integrated logistics too. This way, you will easily stay connected to the logistics company.

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