5 Mistakes Businesses Make When Choosing IT Staff

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    Did you know the average company has one IT support employee per every eleven non-technical staff? These technical employees are essential to the daily running of most modern companies. But how can you choose the right IT staff?

    Businesses tend to make a lot of mistakes when choosing their IT staff. Avoiding these common mistakes can help you ensure you’ve chosen the right ones. Continue reading to learn what those common hiring mistakes are.

    1. No Clear Visions About Project or Future

    Without a clear vision about a specific project or the future of the IT department, businesses can’t find the right candidates. Why? You can’t hire the right person without knowing what skills they’ll need or what tasks they should accomplish.

    2. Giving Unclear Requirements in Job Description

    If a business doesn’t offer clear requirements in the job posting, they might not find the right person. The IT staff they hire may not be as productive and could become confused or even frustrated with their position. With disgruntled staff, workflow is disrupted, and everyone suffers because of it.

    3. Not Weighing IT Hiring Solutions

    There are several solutions available when it comes to hiring IT staff. You can choose between a full-time in-house employee, co managed IT company, managed IT company, or freelancer. The right solution is on a per-project or per-company basis.

    • In-house employee: best for large companies, those with an IT expert in management, or any company with consistent full time IT work
    • Co-managed IT company: best for companies who want specific services and not complete packages, or those who want a say in how IT is run without running it themselves
    • Managed IT company: best for companies who want IT managed and don’t want to deal with its management at all
    • Freelancer: best for companies focused on a short-term project without any real IT needs on a long term basis

    4. Not Treating Employees as Individuals

    It’s easy to see potential hires and employees as skill sets and a role. But treating them as individuals isn’t just excellent management, it could also prove helpful for your company.

    Find out what your IT staff loves to do the most, and place them on tasks related to that. Find out what hobbies they have and see if that can’t be applied to your projects or vision.

    5. Avoiding Tough Conversations

    Delivering feedback and constructive criticism is essential to the well-being of both your employee and company. Yet sixty percent of managers say they’re uncomfortable with communicating with employees generally. Management must learn how to have these tough conversations from the hiring process forward.

    More Questions About Choosing IT Staff?

    Choosing the right IT personnel for your specific project or company vision is essential. Finding the right one can be difficult when so many mistakes are often made during the hiring process. Avoiding the five mistakes above can help ensure companies find the right staff for their unique circumstances.

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