5 Crucial Employee Satisfaction Survey Questions That You Should Always Ask

5 Crucial Employee Satisfaction Survey Questions That You Should Always Ask

Conducting workplace surveys can be an easy way of measuring employee satisfaction. But, the results can also easily become misconstrued.

Plus—garnering honest and meaningful results to surveys can be an uphill battle of its own.

For this reason, it is imperative that leadership carefully selects employee satisfaction survey questions. The inquiries should be honest and thought-provoking, free from any bias or negative implications that may otherwise scare truthful responses away.

This way, you can solicit honest and informative answers. In turn, these results can inform policies and high-level decision-making with data and honest employee thought to back it up.

For eight of the most important questions to include in your own employee satisfaction survey, keep reading below!

1. Do You Feel Your Survey Results Are Appreciated?

Ironically, one of the most informative questions to include are that of the survey itself. This can totally depend on the company and the type of survey employed.

To ensure employees are taking the experience seriously, you should look to utilize a responsive platform. For example—pulse surveys provide everything you need for insightful and productive survey results.

2. Do You Feel Valued as an Employee?

Employees should feel valued and recognized for their contributions to the team, on a consistent basis. This is what makes or breaks a team, especially when the going gets tough.

The more frequently you recognize quality work from your employees, the more motivated they will be to continue producing high-caliber results. By including this question within your satisfaction survey questions, leadership can gain a deeper understanding of how valued their employees truly feel.

3. Do You Enjoy the Company Culture?

Company culture is one of the most important aspects of retaining high-quality talent within an organization. But sometimes, it can be difficult for management to identify what employees value from their company’s philosophies.

By digging deeper and allowing the platform for employees to weigh in on this aspect, you can ensure that both leaders, as well as the workforce, are getting the most out of the culture surrounding them.

4. Does Your Manager Value Your Opinion?

In addition to having their achievements recognized, employees want to feel seen and heard by their direct managers. This includes feedback, opinions, and criticisms.

Overall, a lack of responsiveness on the part of managers to constructive criticism can create a disheartening atmosphere. It may even discourage employees from sharing future feedback. This is a dangerous cycle to get into, and something that should be nipped in the bud.

This is the main reason why the topic must be included in questions for an employee satisfaction survey.

5. Is the Workload Evenly Distributed?

It’s no secret that burnout can quickly put a chokehold on any team. Unequal distribution of work is one way that employees can grow frustrated with each other, as well as the management teams.

This also plays a hand in reducing the work-life balance, and their overall satisfaction with their job. In order to reduce this as much as possible, management should pose this opportunity to weigh in within employee satisfaction survey questions.

Writing Your Own Employee Satisfaction Survey Questions

With this brief guide, you can create employee satisfaction survey questions that will produce thoughtful results.

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