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4 Tips for Volunteer Management with Salesforce

Non-profit organizations need to manage not only work processes but also the members of their company. These include companions, partners, visitors, but for some reason, they forget about volunteers. It is not worth neglecting this important category of members, since the success of any organization depends on them.

Information from those who have been using modern tools for more than a year will help to take care of the involved volunteers and do it as correctly as possible. Try using the experience cloud, and you will discover how many oversights in workflows there were in the past.

Useful tips for using community cloud services

The sooner you start investing in scalable volunteer management tools, the better. Only in this case, non-profit organizations will be able to process massive amounts of information and beneficially use the received data in their activities.

If you want to create a new effective strategy for working with volunteers, you will need to understand the current management system and make the necessary changes. Collecting data and making it freely available using special tools will allow you to keep in touch with volunteers and look for new ones.

If implementing the system of volunteer management on Salesforce is your first acquaintance with this platform, here are a few tips for you from Advanced Communities.

Tip #1: Optimize your search for new volunteers

Recruiting new volunteers is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. In order to find a suitable candidate, you can use old methods (study of the lists) or try using modern tools.

The Salesforce volunteer management platform offers several ways to search for candidates. Integrate your data with the data of official websites and offer a position to the found candidates. Create your own groups to serve as a recruiting ground for volunteers.

Tip #2: Match Tasks to Volunteer Skills

There is nothing worse than working on an unsuitable task. In order to avoid such things, it is worth asking volunteers to fill out questionnaires and indicate their preferences. Thus, it will be possible to compare the field of available tasks and the interests of the volunteer to get the desired result.

Tip #3: Prove That Their Work Isn’t Wasted

Volunteers who are employed by non-profit organizations deserve getting approval from the management. By using the database to track their work hours and accomplishments, you will have an opportunity to praise every volunteer for the work they have done. You can create email templates for this on the Salesforce platform.

Tip #4: Analyze

You will need to collect data not only to assess volunteers’ abilities to work but also to compile a detailed picture of their impact on your organization. You need to take into account quite a lot of indicators (number of volunteers, working hours, how long they work for you), therefore, using Salesforce for volunteer management is a highly recommended step.

The growth of a non-profit organization largely depends on the amount of information collected and the correctness of the decisions made. It is much more difficult to create a working strategy without the use of tools than with them.

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