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10 Unicycling Games Reviews The Secret

If you are a beginner unicyclist 

who cannot ride from one side of the room to another, then please do not attempt joining in these games as it is not safe for yourself or for others! There are plenty resources online that can teach you how to Unicycle. To find other Unicyclists to compete with, try visiting a local Juggling Club or your nearest Convention.


 Either go for a distance race, or for obstacles. Bigger wheeled unicycles can go a lot faster than small wheeled ones, so they may be asked to start later in the race.

Ribbon Stealing:

 A ribbon is loosely fitted to the backs of all unicycles, and you try to steal the ribbons from other peoples unicycles without losing yours.

Unicycle musical chairs:

 Unicycles are laid front to end, in one large line (one less than the amount of people playing). Someone plays some music, and when the music stops, the person who hasn’t grabbed and got on top of a unicycle, is out. Play continues until there are only a few people left, at which point some extra barriers can be put in for the people to bunny gaming chair . Winner is the person who is able to grab the one remaining unicycle!


A unicycle competition with judges and time limits. Unicyclists take it in turns to go over a specially constructed obstacle course. This is great fun to watch and it really improves the skills of any Unicyclists taking part.

Long Jump: 

Who can jump the furthest distance from the starting line? Most people will line their unicycle up along the line and jump sideways rather than try to jump forwards. The jump only counts if the person stays on their unicycle once they have landed.

Hopping Endurance:

 All unicyclists have to hop on their unicycle until only one person remains.

Slowest Unicycle Race:

 No idling allowed! Last person to cross the finishing line without deviating from the course is the winner! This is very funny to watch and incredibly difficult to do without falling off!

Furthest Bunny Hop: A Marker is placed on the ground inside the arena. Unicyclists ride up to this marker and then see how far they can leap past it.

Best Trick Competition: Everyone gets a few attempts to perform their best/favourite Unicycling trick, then the audience votes on their favourite trick or combination.

Unicycle Gladiators: Everyone rides around the arena on their unicycles, and tries to be the last person remaining on their unicycle! You are allowed motospeed mechanical  to push each other off. Once you have fallen, you need to pick up your Unicycle and leave the arena to let the other people continue to play.

Over 50 descriptions of 

Juggling Games using many different Circus Skills and Juggling props.

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