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10 Effective Marketing Ideas For Real Estate Agents In 2022


At present, people are looking at property investment in a completely different way. In the past year, 2021, 63% of home buyers have made a purchase without physically visiting the property.

Among them, 92% have stated that they have used the internet for starting their hunting journey. This particular buying of homes online had made the entire real estate marketing a lot more competitive than ever. 

In order to go ahead and become successful in their real estate career, they are required to invest their time, money, and effort in marketing strategies. They will demonstrate emotional credibility, user-driven functionality, and factual accuracy at every step of the marketing funnel. 


You can learn more about the marketing strategies here gradually.  

Effective Marketing Ideas For Real Estate Agents In 2022

As we have told you earlier that here we will guide you with some really effective real estate marketing strategies, which you need to start working on right now. It is time to start the discussion and dive into the main topic. 

Marketing Idea 1: Craft SEO Optimized Website

Having an online presence has become negotiable and important for every type of business. There is no exception for real estate injury as well. When you are considering the online presence matter, only having a website is not going to save you. 

Nowadays, people rely on search engines more than personal recommendations. So, you need to work hard on optimizing your website as per the search engine algorithm. 

Marketing Idea 2: Build Credibility By Building Customer Testimonials

One of the most effective ways of marketing your real estate business is to allow your customers to do the talking. We all are aware of the fact that for convincing customers, social proof remains one of the most strong tactics. 


In fact, around 62% of the home buyers state that they opt for a real estate agent after going through the online reviews. 

Marketing Idea 3: Send Out Regular Updates

For real estate marketing, you must put effort into engaging with prospects on a regular basis. Although it is a unique idea, it still actually works. When you start sending Whatsapp updates and emails to your current clients, you will become a trusted advisor. 

This way, the clients will also get interested in your listings and keep you at the top of the mind of your potential clients. 

Marketing Idea 4: Run Go-target Ads

Targeting particular areas as far as possible is another best tactic for real estate marketing. By using geo-targeted ads, you will be able to target a particular area that is a great option for your real estate business. 

Building recognition in the local market is crucial, especially when it comes to the real estate business. Thus, if you want to build a loyal market, you need to start investing your money in geo-targeted ads. 

Marketing Idea 5: Connect With Potential Buyers

Connecting with your potential buyers is non-negotiable and important. In order to do that, at present social media platforms play a huge role. You will definitely find your target customers on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and many more. 

Using them, you can connect with your client to a personal level. You can solve their issue as soon as it arises. Your clients and potential customers will also know that they can reach you really easily, in case they are having any issues. 

Marketing Idea 6: Create Video Walkthroughs Of Your Properties

When you’re thinking about marketing your business in the virtual world as well, you have to pay special attention to the quality of the content, as content is the king here. Especially, you have to ensure that all the content pieces you are posting on social media are top-notch. 

You can think of conducting live walkthroughs on Instagram or Facebook or shooting more professional photos of your property so that your customers get the proper view of them. 

Marketing Idea 7: Build Authority By Creating Quality Content

During the house-hunting process, over 86% of potential home buyers seek out video content pieces. Reports also state that listings with virtual tours get 87% more views than properties that do not offer any. 

With every passing day, more and more people are looking for houses online. Especially during this pandemic time, when going out is restricted, they do not want to take the risk and opt for a virtual tour while relaxing at home. 

Marketing Idea 8: List Properties On Online Marketplace

As per realtor experts; 

  • 88% of home buyers have found their homes on the world wide web.
  • 30% of people have found their homes through agents.
  • lastly7% have found their home through an open house. 

Marketing Idea 9: Do Not Neglect News Paper Listing

It is really great that you are shifting your real estate business to the online space. At the same time, you can not forget that the real estate industry still has a lot to get from the traditional way of marketing. 

When we are talking about the traditional marketing ways, we can not miss newspaper listings. 82% of Americans have stated that they trust magazine and newspaper advertisements more than any digital form of advertisement. 

Marketing Idea 10: Develop Your Network

Last but not least, building a network is crucial. It is effective for both when you are planning to grow and sustain in the real estate market. A strong network of brokerage firms, realtors, and clients can actually save you from a tough situation. 

Plus, having a solid database will make your work super easy, and more customers will get attracted to your properties, and they will get a complete solution from you. Joining niche communities attending network events are some great ideas. 

Final Tips

The real estate industry has shifted a lot in the last few years, especially due to the global coronavirus pandemic. That is why you need to change the way of marketing. After all, you need to think of the customers first and offer them the best services and assistance along with the best properties. 


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