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Why is Java Web Development an Optimum Choice for the Ecommerce Industry?

Introduction to Java

Java is a robust, independent, and secure programming language that allows you to develop excellent eCommerce applications easily using automatic memory management. It is platform-independent, object-oriented, and multi-threaded which makes Java really flexible that developers love to use. Mostly all platforms can be used for their running.

Online shopping is a new fad to people since it was first developed, as most found online shopping much easier and hassle-free because it is perfectly suitable for the hectic lifestyle and offers free shipping in most locations, so people choose online shopping instead of visiting shops. Java is also used by established and bug enterprises like Google, Facebook, and Amazon, and hence it is said to be one of the best platforms for maintainable web development. Here are some reasons why Java in development is a perfect choice for the eCommerce industry. So, let’s get started!

Memory Management

In Java programming, all objects available in the app are called a heap. It is created when your app starts and can reduce or might increase as it is executed. Managing memory is a bit of a technical issue but Java handles it so easily and organizes the memory. All the objects which are not required and not in use are eliminated. Developers are not required to manage memory and invest time in it because Java has an automatic system for memory management. So, software development in Java manages the effectiveness and speed of the web application.

Enterprise Edition

Enterprise edition in Java is also known as J2EE which has proven to be the revolutionary influence in the field of eCommerce. Server-side web applications can be developed using the robust and solid solution provided by J2EE. Using modern technology is extremely beneficial as a development tool. These tools help in this respect are Java Server Pages, Java Naming and Directory Interface, and Enterprise JavaBeans or database connectivity along with Java Mail.


If you’re a Java enthusiast and love to learn about new technologies then you must be knowing that Java is capable of managing multiple threads simultaneously and hence it is known as multi-threading. It provides a user with multiple operations, faster concurrent access, and faster response time. In the multithreading approach, each thread is tracked until the job ends.

No Programmatic Configuration of Navigation

When you set navigation, you need to follow a  specific pattern that has to be implemented and it is really a time-consuming process. But if you’re using Java JSF, all the complex challenges can be avoided altogether because Java handles the navigation entirely, so you’re not required to focus on setting up navigation. You can also follow a method known as the implicit navigation feature of JSF that forward requests automatically to a view that has the same name and pattern as the requested URL.


Java offers numerous benefits and features when it comes to developing an online shopping app, so eCommerce developers prefer Java compared to any other similar platform. Java is known as the king of programming because of its popularity and usage all over the world. It is available at server-side and client-side with its efficiency that makes Jaa an unmatched killer combination for web development.

If you’re searching for a dedicated development team for building your eCommerce app then hire programmers from the top-notch Java development company and start your project today!

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