What is the Premier League? History, organizational structure and competition format

What is the Premier League? History, organizational structure and competition format

The Premier League is one of the biggest tournaments on the planet, attracting millions of viewers each time it takes place. General information, heroic history, organizational structure and competition format of the tournament will be shared here by the live football website Xoilac TV thanhhanewcity.com.

The English Premier League football tournament is famous in the foggy country

The English Premier League, also known as the Premier League, is the world’s leading tournament. This is a great symbol of the king’s sport, because it is the highest prize in all professional tournaments under the English FA football federation. The tournament brings together all of the country’s most outstanding football teams, equivalent to national championships in other countries around the world.

The English Premier League football tournament is famous in the foggy country

The heroic history and legendary stories of the English Premier League

The English Premier League is proud to be one of the famous football playgrounds worldwide. According to Xoilac TV thanhhanewcity.com’s research, legendary teams that have played here such as Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal and Manchester City have contributed to creating extremely respectable reputations and traditions in this tournament.

The attraction of the Premier League lies not only in the level of fierce competition but also in the attractive style of play and kicking style. Matches in the Premier League often bring breathtaking, dramatic and emotional moments that make people excited. Can’t look away.

The Premier League is not only a domestic tournament but also has great influence internationally. Most of the clubs will participate in European tournaments such as: UEFA Europa League, UEFA Champions League where they represent the UK to compete with formidable opponents from all continents around the world.

English Premier League with great global appeal

Organizational structure of the English Premier League football tournament

Unlike other organized tournaments. The Premier League is organized with the participation of many shareholders like a company. More specifically, the 20 Premier League teams act as shareholders holding important votes to vote on tournament issues.

All participating clubs vote together to elect a president, CEO and all members. Elected people are responsible for managing the match.

Tournament with many famous clubs participating

Competition system of the English Premier League

Highlights may refer to the following information:

Time: Normally the season will take place from August to May next year. Match times are on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Later, to increase views and sell online football rights, the Premier League schedule had a slight change, the FA organized matches on Fridays and Mondays like the German National Championship tournament.

Competition system: Competition in a 2-round round, each club will compete with another team, one match at the away team and one match at home. There will be 38 matches in total.

How to calculate points: A win will be counted as 3 points, a draw will be counted as one point, a loss will be counted as no points. Scores will be calculated to rank the ball in the tournament.

Based on the rankings after each season, the leading team will win the championship trophy, the teams in the top 3 will enter the Champions League group stage, reaching 4th place will have to participate from the preliminary round, the 4th place. 5 will participate in C2 Cup, 6th place team will participate in C3 Cup.


Thus, the article has answered all questions about the English Premier League for everyone. If you are a football lover, the Premier League will be a tournament not to be missed. Follow the match on Xoilac TV channel https://thanhhanewcity.com/ to cheer for your favorite participating team. Wishing you an exciting and fun online football viewing session here.