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What Are the Benefits of Staying at a Marriot Hotel?

Did you know that between 1927-1956 the Marriott started as an A&W root beer stand started by J. Willard Marriott and his wife Alice? They welcomed people during the hot humid summers in D.C. with a fair price and warm smiles that became the guiding principle for “Hot Shoppes.”

The Marriott has become a well-known international hotel chain that has hotel, residential, and timeshare properties and is headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland. Keep reading and we will guide you through the benefits of staying at the Marriott Hotel.

Multiple Locations

When you’re thinking about where to travel and where you will get the best hotel stay, you have many options with the Marriott. The Marriott hotel chain has hotels in over 100 countries.

Whether you’re in the U.S. or traveling internationally, there is likely a Marriott where you are going. You can feel the comfort of a family-owned and familiar place when you’re traveling abroad.

They are scheduled to open 10 new hotels across Turkey by 2022. They carefully consider where to open hotels and make long-term investments where they grow and expand their brand.

Customer Service and Employee Satisfaction

When you’re choosing a hotel, you want to make sure that there is great customer service and happy employees provide their best customer service.

At the Marriott, 85% of their employees said that it’s a great place to work. This is in comparison to a U.S. average of about 59% employee satisfaction.

Happy employees lead to happy hotel guests. Your travel essentials should include finding a place that has customer satisfaction guaranteed because when you travel, you want to focus on the activities and relaxing, not worried about if you will be comfortable.

Hotels, Residential, Timeshares, and More

In the vacation industry, you want to make sure your hotel provides options for your guests. From people that want to have extended stays to those who want to come yearly and have a place to call their own, the Marriott offers just that.

They have Residence Inn properties that allow for comfortable extended stays. Locations offer free WiFi and breakfast and make you feel at home for as long as you need to stay.

The Marriott has a timeshare program that includes over 70 properties in the U.S., Caribbean, Europe, and Asia. About 400,000 people own timeshare properties.

You can see all there is to offer with a timeshare membership at the Marriott Destinations Club Membership Levels.

Membership Perks

There are different levels of membership at the Marriott hotels and you can build up points staying at the hotel on work trips and vacations and build up points.

You can use the points to stay at the hotel, you can get discounts, vacation home options, and get to go to Marriott events. It depends on what membership level you’re at, but you can get a lot of great perks being a member at any level.

Book Your Marriott Hotel Stay Today

Now that you know the multiple benefits of staying at the Marriott Hotel, you can book your first stay and start to build up your points.

Their multiple locations give you options, membership perks, customer and employee satisfaction, and different types of rooms give you a wide range of reasons to stay.

Start researching your Marriott destination or keep reading about business to mark trending topics here.

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