9 Custom Projects You Can Use to Commemorate Events


    Did you know the average American attends around 8,000 social events during their life? That averages out to about three events per week.

    Whether it’s a birthday party or a work celebration, commemorating these events with custom projects is a great way to remember a wonderful time spent among friends or coworkers.

    This guide will include some ideas for custom projects you might consider for your next event. Keep reading to learn what they are.

    1. A Photo Book

    A photo book is a great way to celebrate a personal milestone or an event celebrating a big milestone in a loved one’s life.

    Whether it’s a wedding, anniversary, or graduation, a photo book filled with memories is a thoughtful way to commemorate an important event.

    Turn the project into a scrapbook with fun stickers and inspiring quotes. When creating a book to commemorate a wedding, choose photos from over the years to represent how the relationship has evolved.

    You can DIY this project or craft it online and have it delivered to your home.

    2. A Gift Basket

    A gift basket is a great choice for corporate commemoration. Whether you’re celebrating your company’s anniversary or the holiday season, this is a wonderful way to show your employees how much you value their hard work.

    Show that you care about everything your employees have done for your small business with personalized gift baskets. You can get creative with how you put together the basket, choose treats based on your employees’ personal preferences.

    You can include some home-baked goodies with the company logo printed on the bag. Include some self-care items like hand lotions and bath salts. A gift certificate to their favorite restaurants is another thing you can add.

    3. A New Phone Case

    A customized phone case is another great gift idea for your employees. If you have a tech company, a phone case with the company logo is a cool way to represent your team of coders or engineers.

    This is a great gift to give during the annual office party or a company picnic event. Everyone will always appreciate having an extra case to protect their phone.

    You can personalize the gift a bit more by adding each employee’s initials to it. Design it in the company colors as well.

    4. Custom Print T-Shirts

    Custom print t-shirts are a wonderful gift, whether they’re for family or coworkers. Matching t-shirts for your family reunion will look great in the family photo album.

    If you’re getting custom-made t-shirts to celebrate an anniversary, you can design them with an inside joke only you and your partner know. Choose a design that represents your relationship best.

    If you’re getting custom-made t-shirts to celebrate meeting quarterly earning goals at work, t-shirts with the company logo are a great choice. Encourage employees to wear their shirts on casual Fridays.

    5. A Personalized Coffee Cup

    Personalized coffee cups are another great way to celebrate an important event. What’s better than a gift that cheers someone up every morning?

    Coffee or tea lovers will love a personalized mug with their name and the company logo on the other side. These gifts are a great way to celebrate the end of a challenging but successful year.

    Personalized mugs are also great birthday gifts for grandparents. You can customize these cups with pictures of their grandchildren and an inspirational quote too.

    6. A Bottle of Wine

    If you’re wondering how to commemorate a trip abroad with some of your best friends, a hand-selected bottle of wine is the best way to do it. School, careers,  and relationships can take up most of your time.

    When you finally come around to booking that trip to Spain with your girlfriends, ending it with a celebratory hand-picked wine for each friend in the group is the way to go.

    A one of a kind bottle of wind can commemorate lots of other events like anniversaries, graduations, and bachelorette parties as well.

    7. A Custom Challenge Coin

    A custom coin shouldn’t just be reserved for the avid coin collector. Ordering custom challenge coins for your employees is a wonderful way to commemorate achievements within your company.

    These custom coins can also be specially ordered for the brave members of the military, police, and fire departments. Recognize their bravery and commitment to serving the country with a beautifully designed coin.

    Check out customchallengecoins.net to learn more.

    8. A Customized Calendar

    Other kinds of custom memorabilia can include a calendar of photos. This can be used to commemorate an anniversary or a family trip.

    What better way to display a series of photos of your loved ones than in a calendar you keep on your desk and look at every day? These calendars are easy to make, the whole process can be completed and paid for online.

    Choose fun photos to represent each month. You can choose a photo posing in the pool for a summer month. Another photo of your kids playing in the snow can be used for December.

    9. A Personalized Ball

    A custom-made ball is a fun way to commemorate a company retreat. Most company retreats include a series of games aimed to encourage bonding and build teamwork skills.

    Whether you play a game of softball or table tennis with your coworkers, you can order equipment with the company logo on it. This is a fun way to encourage healthy competition and show pride in your company.

    Custom Projects to Commemorate Your Special Event

    If you want to commemorate an important event, there are many different custom projects you can choose as a memory of the special day. You can choose a custom coin for your company employees or a personalized mug for an anniversary gift.

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