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What are Math Olympiad and its motive?

Math Olympiad is a competition and a contest that exists for elementary school, middle school and high school students. Its main objective and aim are to foster an interest of students and candidates in Math and improve their Mathematical skills.

Levels of Math Olympiad

 In this, there are two levels national and international level of this competition. The best of these competitions is the International Mathematical Competition, in which more than 100 countries high school students compete with each other annually.  

More about Math Olympiad 

The Math Olympiad is founded in year 1997, and its program aims on competitions in which students from class four to class eight compete remotely. This type of contest or competition consists of at least five levels in every month during the academic calendar.  The student who is leading the team for the contest and the teacher guiding them receives the pack in which the solutions of the competition are present for which they have to pay a fixed amount. At the end of the contest or competition students get certificates, trophies and medals according to their performance.

Syllabus for the Olympiad

9th grade students come under high school and the course for them for Math Olympiad is Geometry, Calculus and Precalculus, Algebra I and Algebra II, Statistics, Trigonometry.

How to Prepare for Class  Math Olympiad?

If you as a student haven’t studying on daily basis, still it is not to late to start. The most important thing for clearing any exam is that you should have a habit of studying regularly. You should start your practice with the basics and must have a clear goal to achieve that you have to clear the exam with flying colours. For that to be happen you must be aware of all the possible topics which can come in the exam and according to it you should plan your strategy to approach each and every topic.

For doing so one should follow these steps-

  1. First of all, the student should complete his/her own books which they are studying in school curriculum and have a good command over it. Alongside you should start making important notes which you can go through at last for quick revision.  
  2. You should recheck the syllabus and see the weightage of each and every topic and according to it should have a look on your previous test, assignments or worksheets. It is seen that previous tests, assignments and worksheets often offer some different and extra questions to practice and highlight the key concepts of the syllabus. 
  3. After assembling all the resources like assignments and worksheets and knowing the weightage of each and every concept you should determine the amount of time which you are going to spend daily on your preparation and should set an achievable goal for your exam.
  4. You should make a perfect balance between regular curriculum classes and this extra preparation. Your focus should be on your studies only, and have to stay away from the distractions like TV, mobile phones, etc. 
  5. Find out as many sources of study material as you can and make good notes out of them. Like go to the library for issuing good Math books which have sample problems with answers to solve. First solve the problem by your own then check if the answer is right or not, if it is not then checking the given solution to find your mistake will be a good course of action and start working on it.
  6. After doing so you should be clear about the basic techniques and theorems of Mathematics by now and ready for taking this further on next level. 
  7. Find out the online tests or exams which is unique for you and which you have not practiced before. Use the techniques and theorems which you have learned so far and focus on their application on real life situation whenever possible.
  8. Use the theorems learned in as many different ways as you can because in Math Olympiad most of the problems are twisted and hard to approach directly. In this way the student or applicant which is appearing in the exam uses his/her full potential and get to know how much they have learned and if they use their mind and practice in a good way they go further in the competition.
  9. Always go for the problems which you think that are harder for you because practicing the same questions and the one which is easy for you will not going to improve your knowledge and will ultimately result in a waste of time.
  10. The main thing to keep in mind while solving the problem is that one should be positive and should believe in yourself that you can solve the question because in the competitions psychological factors also exist.
  11. The best book that a Class 8 student can purchase or borrow for practicing for the Math Olympiad is- International Maths Olympiad – Class 8 (With OMR Sheets) which include theories for example, previous model test papers and MCQs with solution.
  12. One should also practice previous years with the current year Olympiad mock test because it will give you a rough idea of the pattern of the exam and the type of questions asked in it.
  13. While your preparation is done and you are working on your doubts you should approach your school teacher or tuition teacher to help you out by clearing your doubts. Also ask them about the important tips they can give to you to remember for the exam.
  14. At last, you should go through your notes which you have prepared all the way while preparing for the exam and give your best.

So, these are the steps that a Class 8 student can follow and keep in mind while preparing for the Math Olympiad and easily score good marks in it. By following these steps one can go further in the competition.

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