Drive 3x faster lead response time with these SEO tips

Drive 3x faster lead response time with these SEO tips

Build a website for your business

Make sure that your business website stays up to date and up to date your customers. When you are looking for new customers, if the site has not been updated in a while, it’s very likely that the search engines will not be able to find it easily, which could cause your search ranking to fall to the bottom of the first page.

Build a website for your business. Search Engine Optimization is a digital marketing strategy that helps you build traffic and sales from your website. Even if you aren’t selling online now, you can start to use the basic SEO strategies to grow your business. SEO helps you keep your website relevant to the right people.

Source your website for any keywords you can find. Get creative when you build a website that brings you a steady flow of customers.

Find the right keywords for your site

Find the right keywords for your site

Forecasts for 2016 and 2017 are telling us that mobile search queries will account for over 70% of all search results by 2017. If you are not there yet, it is never too late to start. The time to start is now.


Well, I don’t think it is that difficult to figure out. If a user is searching for something on mobile, and it takes less than a second for them to get there, why would they search on a phone?

What are the steps?

Find a device with the optimal form factor and operating system for mobile search queries.

Set it up to save relevant search query options and return those results in high-speed queries.

With these actions, your users will never even know it is a search.

Optimize your site with these SEO tips

Click 3X Faster

According to Tom Nally, SEO Manager at search firm KBS Inc., SEO data shows there’s a very strong correlation between third-party URL invalidation, free-rider IP address (POI) spoofing, and lower click-through rates and conversions for all search types except Google Shopping.

While bogus mobile redirects to full page ad impressions or sites running IP-spoofing programs are pervasive, large amounts of keywords are being injected into pages through WordPress plugins and injected via email in order to generate higher rankings.

According to Nally, the more probable reason that these sites are getting blacklisted is due to the volume of links they get from high-quality sites, like directories, blog networks, and social media platforms.

Start off on the right foot

Once you have installed SEO for mobile in your website, you should go to the ‘tools’ tab in the Google toolbar. Here you will be able to find the main tool that will enable you to make SEO work for your website.

The most effective way to make sure you are optimising your website for mobile search is to go back to the ‘tools’ page again.

Do not get lost in the long list of different tools you can download. Instead, enter keywords for your own search term into the search box and click ‘see results’.

A list of various websites will appear. All of them may appear to be relevant to your specific search term.

Choose one of them and focus on the top list. A sub-category will appear for that keyword. Click on it and you will see an expanded list of websites that have published the results.