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VPS Hosting in France: Why is it Better Than Shared Hosting?



There are two critical stages of your web journey when you should think about the platform on which your website is running, when you are just starting your website, and when the existing platform is not serving your needs. One of the most commonly used services by your website is Virtual Private Server (VPS). Despite having multiple users accessing the hardware simulations, it uses the virtual technique to deliver seemingly dedicated resources.

The market size of VPS was of value $2.6 billion in 2018 and has a target to reach $8.3 billion by the end of 2026. The growth rate is a CAGR of 16.2% from 2018 to 2026. A virtual private server integrates a dedicated server and shared hosting server. You can get VPS Hosting in France by spending a budget-friendly amount.

Why is VPS Server better than Shared Server?

A shared hosting is best for personal sites and startups whereas a Virtual Private Server is a better option for large sites and small businesses. Performance issues are not in consideration with shared hosting, and for beginners, it is the prime focus.

Shared hosting shares your resources with other websites only when the server reaches the limit. In VPS hosting France, resources are with other websites, but you have a command over your website’s limits.

Generally, shared hosting is safe, but you have a significant risk if one site gets hacked. In VPS hosting, you can install personal security software to protect yourself.

Shared hosting provides good uptime and enough bandwidth for supporting visitors to your website. In VPS hosting, you gate good bandwidth and page loading speed to support thousands of users visiting your website every week.

A shared hosting limits the number of resources you have and needs minimal customization. A VPS hosting has more control over your resource limits, and you can customize it with extra software.


Why is France VPS the right choice for Small Businesses?

VPS hosting France is a recommended option for small businesses and new startups. Small businesses prefer VPS hosting compared to shared hosting due to its low cost and high performance according to your website requirements. Here are some reasons why VPS hosting France is a great option for a new startups.

  • Cost Saving: VPS hosting is cheaper than other server hostings, and it provides more benefits at a low price. It is suitable with Linux and Windows and has full root access and security.
  • Excellent Performance: SSDs can store hundreds of gigabytes per second in reading and writing performance. Using a good control panel, you can easily maintain the health of your server and its performance.
  • Improved Reliability: You can get reliable VPS hosting in France with many benefits. Using the trustworthy data center services of VPS hosting, you can be sure that your services are available all the time.
  • DDoS Protection: You must use multiple approaches like preventing and detecting DDoS attacks to defeat them. VPS hosting France provides a strategy that can respond quickly to attacks.
  • Simple Licensing: Licensing for VPS hosting in France is lower than the other hosting providers. With just one click you can quickly get a license for your website.
  • Fully-managed services: Fully managed and organized services. You can monitor your server whenever you want.

France VPS hosting is a better option for businesses and organizations due to its reliability, affordability and ability to fit into your budget. VPS hosting is a best option rather than shared hosting due to its more promising result oriented services vps service provider.

Main difference between VPS and Shared Hosting?

There are many differences between shared and VPS hosting which forms a silver lining between both the hostings.

Key Difference Shared Hosting VPS Hosting
Resource allocation You get fewer resources in Shared hosting. Here the resources are limited because you have multiple sites over one server. You get more resources in VPS hosting than shared hosting. Limitations on VPS hosting are less and hold a more significant portion of the server’s hardware.
Security Almost ninety percent of the shared hosting is safe, but there are no guarantees. If one site gets affected by hacking activities, other sites get a high risk of facing the same problem. VPS hosting is more safe than shared hosting because you are on a server with other VPS users, meaning everyone has a higher level of security.
Performance Shared hosting is suitable for small sites where visitors are significantly less per week. In case of more traffic you generally get more bandwidth.
Configuration and Customization Shared hosting provides minor customization to the server. VPS hosting overpowers shared hosting for customization. With VPS hosting, you decide your limits and needs.
Scalability You can scale up to a specific limit, so shared hosting is generally for small businesses and startups. Scaling your website till you reach satisfactory results is possible in VPS hosting.
Price Shared hosting comes with plans which are for small startups and businesses. VPS hosting has plans which are affordable for large companies.


How Serverwala is the Best Solution for your France VPS Server?

Servewala VPS hosting France provides you with unlimited advantages that help you to boost your business. We get a excellent bandwidth for the smooth functioning of your website. Our team comes to secure your data and website from cyber attacks. Serverwala VPS hosting in France gives you the profit of boosting the site speed and decreasing the load time of your website.

You can choose serverwala VPS hosting in France for the bright future of your organization. We provide the best plan that provides you with top-notch services at affordable prices.


VPS hosting is better than shared hosting in many ways, but shared hosting is preferred for you if you are a small business. VPS hosting in France has operational benefits according to market and server needs. Serverwala France VPS hosting is affordable and provides complete services that fit your budget.


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