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Types of Content Marketing: B2B Content Marketing and More


Today, there’s no doubt about it: marketing is vital to a business’s success. Despite this fact, many are still struggling to put together an effective marketing strategy.

Do you need help boosting your marketing, especially when it comes to content marketing? Then read on. In this article, we’ll discuss the types of content marketing you can use.

B2C vs B2B Content Marketing

Before you get started on content marketing, you need to first understand the difference between B2C and B2B. “B2C” stands for “business to customer/consumer” and “B2B” stands for “business to business”.

While you can use all types of content marketing for both, there are some slight differences. For example, if you’re aiming for B2B, you’d probably use LinkedIn posts rather than Facebook Live posts. B2B content also tends to have more formal writing and more industry terms.

Also, B2B customers typically have more buying power than individual consumers do, as well as more stakeholders. So you’ll have to work harder at gaining their trust. This means more statistics and hard evidence (such as use cases).

Types of Content Marketing

Now that you know the difference between B2C and B2B content marketing, you’re probably wondering about the various types of content marketing available for both. Here are some examples, which digital marketing specialists like Tribal Core Store can provide you with.


Whitepapers are a type of long-form content. They’re intended to present a document chockful of information, so you can consider it a report or guide.

This type of content is great for helping readers make a decision and possibly nudge them toward contacting you to help with moving forward.


eBooks are also a type of long-form content. They’re similar to whitepapers but aren’t as factual.

Many businesses like to release eBooks for thought leadership purposes.


Webinars are great for presenting content in a form other than text. This allows you to convey valuable information and if yours is live, you can even interact with your viewers.


For a shorter type of content marketing, try emails. You can send out regular newsletters that not only inform people about what’s going on with your company, but also showcase your new pieces of content.


Blogs are a great way to sum up your other content in a more compact and casual way. It gives people a short summary of what your content offers. And if they’re interested in finding out more in the end, you’ll have conveniently linked the whitepaper, eBook, or webinar.

Social Media Posts

Social media posts are another fantastic way to share your other pieces of content. It also lets you interact with your followers, which is vital in creating a meaningful relationship with customers.

By adding social media to your content marketing plan, you’ll be able to schedule posts that are relevant and not redundant.

Up Your Content Marketing Strategy With Help From Professionals

As you can see, there are many types of content marketing. The best way to utilize those that are best for your company is to work with a content marketing agency. These professionals can determine which avenues you should focus on and can even come up with the content for you!

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