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Top 5 Uses of Ram Tracking for GPS System Performance


Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking technology is appreciated globally for commercial and personal vehicles. Governments, business entities, and private persons increasingly adopt GPS tracking to achieve various ends. One reason that vouches for GPS tracking technology is that it provides unprecedented manageability, availability, ubiquity, and affordability. Furthermore, modern-day GPS-supported fleet management solutions can provide multiple tracking solutions. They can track mileage, fuel consumption, vehicle speed, and brake usage.

For more enhanced results and powerful functionalities, the GPS tracking technology needs powerful tracking software that offers robust additions to tracking solutions. Ram tracking remains one of the best vehicle-tracking software that revamps the performance of GPS trackers. The power of Ram software can only be appreciated well when its uses in enhancing GPS tracking technology are considered.

Here are the top five uses of Ram tracking that enhance the performance of GPS tracking technology:

1.   Offers Comprehensive and Real-time Location Tracking

Ram Tracking for GPS System Performance2

Vehicle tracking is very important to a fleet manager or an individual who has hired out their vehicle. You get to know where the drivers are, and you get to know where your vehicle is. However, location tracking alone is not as powerful and reliable; it comes with a few gaps, especially when you only depend on GPS tracking technology.

Ram tracking revamps the GPS tracking technology by offering real-time tracking features. Real-time tracking refers to the tracking techniques that employ GPS and logistics databases to ascertain the current location of a vehicle, person, or object at a particular time. Instead of propping out suggestions on where the vehicle is, Ram tracking software enables you to monitor the vehicles as they leave the packing stations and keeps you informed of their location as they cruise the highway to their designated destinations.

Ram Tracking for GPS System Performance3

2.   Customizable and Automated Alerts

Many things need your attention as a fleet manager, an individual, or an entity that manages vehicles. However, because of busy schedules, you could miss out on important matters and concerns that should only be helpful when responded to at the right time. As a fleet manager, you must be informed immediately of various encounters such as accidents. You can respond quickly by arranging solutions and informing the client awaiting shipment. Ram tracking brings this to the table in a bigger and more inventive way.

You can customize various alerts geared toward vehicle and driver safety and achieving business outcomes for vehicles committed to commercial uses. Ram tracking enables you to customize and automate some of these alerts, including vehicle maintenance alerts. You can be very busy and forget scheduled maintenance routines and risk the lifespan of your machine. With these alerts, you will know when to see the mechanic without waiting for a breakdown.

3.   Route Optimisation and Scheduling

Ram Tracking for GPS System Performance4

Route optimization and scheduling are of dire importance to fleet operations. Ram tracking empowers the GPS tracking system by enabling route optimization and fleet scheduling.  Fleet scheduling helps you make proper arrangements on when each vehicle should leave the station and handle specific assignments. You also know which driver is supposed to handle a particular assignment, making management and operations easy.

Route optimization is crucial in logistics both before and after leaving packing stations. Ram tracking helps fleet managers to advise drivers on the best route to reach their destination faster and safer. Real-time route optimization can be very helpful as it enables drivers to avoid busy routes with heavy traffic or accident scenes ahead. Drivers only need to keep their craft on course until advised to adjust accordingly based on data that can be accessed by Ram tracking software. No errors, no unnecessary delays caused by slow routes cumbered by heavy traffic.

4.   Driver Behaviour Monitoring

Ram Tracking for GPS System Performance5

Driver behavior is very significant to the performance of a logistics company. Like the rest of us, drivers in transit behave differently when they know someone is watching than in the absence of the same. Some drivers will use company vehicles to run non-business errands. Others can take non-designated routes and move out of the geofence when they know no one will know. Ram tracking brings this to by making the drivers conscious of the all-seeing eye of the fleet managers.

Everything that drivers do while in the operation of company, vehicles is known through powerful tracking features. The speed, sharp breaks, strange routes, et cetera are sent to the fleet managers through real-time tracking capabilities. Drivers are therefore cornered to have no option other than strict adherence to the expected conduct in handling the vehicles and sticking to optimized routes and established geofence.

5.   Provides Wide Capacity For Integration and Mobility

Appreciation and adoption of fleet tracking software to your business is another feature you may have started using before to make the business more productive. Your fleet management solution must integrate with the foremost business applications and processes for fruitful, forward-facing steps. Particular focus areas include asset, inventory, maintenance, and vendor management. Ram tracking is exceptional in integrating with incumbent reporting and data analysis programs, ensuring the business takes maximum adapted of the generated information. With mobile apps, drivers and managers remain in touch, ensuring maximum operation.


Ram tracking software greatly enhances the performance of GPS tracking technology. It comes with various features and capabilities that enable fleet managers to have a comprehensive observance of every operation of the fleet in operation. Such features as real-time tracking, customizable alerts, and route optimization capabilities make ram tracking a versatile tracking software that every logistics operator should consider.

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