Top 3 Networking Tips That You Should Know

Top 3 Networking Tips That You Should Know

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” is one of the most well-known quotes about how to succeed in business. It’s even more true now than it was in 1937 when that saying first came into public consciousness.

It could be argued that networking has never been more important than it is today. Barely anyone stays at one company for their entire career, for one thing. Networking is how you navigate today’s tangled business world.

Here are some top networking tips to help you put yourself out there and meet the kind of people you need to meet to flourish in today’s business world!

1. Get Social

Your smartphone or laptop is the #1 tool you should be leveraging to meet other movers and shakers in your industry. Social media allows you to connect with other influencers, thought leaders, and potential clients and colleagues from all over the world.

You’ll have the best look if you use social media for networking systematically. You should identify some keywords and phrases that others in your industry use regularly. Once you have, you can use some sort of scheduling software to post content to your social media accounts at prescribed times.

Don’t limit yourself to mainstream social media, either. You simply cannot overlook LinkedIn if you’re planning on using social media to make business connections.

2. Attend Conferences

Have you ever heard the phrase “like shooting fish in a barrel”? There’s something to be said about attending an event where every single participant could be professionally advantageous to you in some way.

If you’re just getting started in your industry, you should attend one or two of the most popular conferences in your industry just as a guest. Take some panels and attend some workshops and mingle over the dessert table, just like you would any other special interest event.

Once you’re a little more established or know some others in your field, you might look into presenting at an industry conference as well. This is one of the fastest ways to establish yourself as a leader in your field. You’ll be stunned by how many connections you can make in just one event!

Once in-person conferences begin again, don’t forget to get plastic enclosures to hold your conference pass!

3. Be Generous

Nothing generates goodwill like generosity. If you’re really looking for networking tips to help you make new connections, give of your time and unique abilities liberally and freely. Create a bunch of exceptional blog content, for instance, and your audience will thank you by sharing your articles and signing up for your opt-ins.

Fostering this sense of goodwill means your name will be the first that springs to mind when an opportunity arises! Even better, you don’t have to act unethically! It’s a win-win for everybody concerned!

Looking for More Business and Networking Tips?

It’s an exciting time to be in business! Never before has there been so many powerful tools for excelling in the business world.

Whether you’re looking for networking tips or advice on how to connect with your workforce, you’ll find expert advice and guidance to steer you in the right direction. Browse the rest of our site today for even more business tips!

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