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Importance of Social Media for Dentists Practitioners


Different social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and many others present an outstanding marketing opportunity and easy way for dentists to interact with patients. Interacting with patients through social media has been one of the best ways to promote independent practices.

It has been witnessed that a significant number of patients are increasingly embracing different social media networks as an integral part of their daily lives. The best thing is that now almost everyone is leveraging the power of social media, and it has become extremely easy for dental practitioners to interact with patients through social media platforms.

The cosmetic dentistry message coveys well with imagery, and with the use of social media, the representation of the imagery has never been so difficult. Let’s find out some more useful facts in a similar context.

Compelling Numbers

Most of the dental practitioners cannot ignore the fact that Facebook alone has helped them to reach out to more and more patients and to promote their services to a larger segment of people. It has been published in different reports that more than 92% of the American adults are utilizing social media networks for online consultation and interactions.

Thus, only Facebook here gets the biggest share as compared to other platforms. The easy presence of a large segment of the population or target audience over different social media platforms has made it extremely easy for dentists to hold online interactions with patients.

Advantages for the Dental Practitioners

Dentists have the clear advantage of having more and more patients by using social media as a mode of interaction with the patients. Survey reports have suggested three reasons what makes the use of social media very advantageous for dental practitioners –

  • Personalized connectivity with the potential clients
  • High visibility to a significant number of people
  • Personal image enhancement and self-promotion

All those dentists who have not yet started utilizing the power of social media must realize the fact that social media is not just a mere tool for creating relationships, but it is a great way to expand the reach.

Social Media Over Other Communication Channels

When we say communication channels, nowadays, most of the people are dealing with social media platforms. Businesses are communicating with staff via an intranet like Sharepoint and other tools to continue with the work. It is important to note that it is difficult to make a personal connection for the dentists through conventional websites. Although websites have pictures and personal statements, but social media enable dentists to add a personal touch in a way that websites cannot even replicate.

Of course, websites are great for establishing a brand, but social media plays a pivotal role in reinforcing the brand’s image. Potential patients will always get to see regular updates made from a social media account and will consider the name of the practice in mind whenever there is a need to see a dentist

Social media also enable patients to ask questions, and by answering to them, dentists increase the reputation. When these interactions are viewed by people and see the value of demonstrating helpful interactions, this cannot be matched with any form of advertising.

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