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The Story of Cracksreams Tyson, The Best Pound Puppy Ever

Cracksreams Tyson has gone everywhere with his family. In fact, I’ll bet you’ve seen him on a number of television shows, ranging from Fright Night Part 2 and The Puppetmaster to The Blind Side and House.

And what about that animated children’s series DuckTales, starring the voice of Miguel Ferrer, and the Cartoon Network cartoon Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie? Tyson is actually featured prominently in both, albeit briefly. For the record, he’s really not much to look at. He’s not the prettiest puppy you’ll ever see, but he sure has a booming voice and is a champion puppeteer.

Cracksreams Tyson has also worked as a soldier. It would appear that he’s played quite a few different people on television.

Cracksreams Tyson is Not Just A Pet, He Is Family

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. — If you walk into Tyson’s home, it’s easy to see he’s a cool dog, but you may not know he’s one of the best pound puppies in the world.

KDLT’s Allison Royal explains more about his fascinating story.

Tyson’s story begins back in 2003. He was born without the use of his back legs, and was given up for adoption at the age of six months. Two years later, a person found him outside of her house, and brought him back to the pound where they found out he was deaf.

“We found out Tyson could not walk on his own, or he had issues with his hips and so his foster parents took that into consideration when they adopted him. And, I’m not sure the exact circumstances, but they somehow or other got him to his forever home,” says Tyson’s owner, Karlie Taylor.

Cracksreams Tyson Has Been Featured on National Television


“The story of Tyson,” as he’s often referred to, is one of a different breed. Tyson has a serious drug problem. He’s been arrested five times and spent nine months in prison.

He has a pretty rough background, but to him, it’s kind of like he got thrown into the National Football League when he was 10.

“I was really good at cocaine, in reality,” he said. “I was really good at breaking into houses and getting high and stuff like that.”

All of this is hard to swallow when you’re dealing with a $150 dog named Tyson, but you’re about to, as this is Cracksreams Tyson’s story:

Tyson was a stray dog living on the streets of New Orleans. He had no chip and he was starving, but his no-nonsense attitude made people around town love him.

Cracksreams Tyson Provides Comfort to Patients in Hospice Care


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Sitting at his dining room table, Dr. Tom Fornelli anxiously goes through a set of photos and then opens up his laptop. After inputting an assortment of addresses and phone numbers, he gets on the road. And when he hits the road, he is on a mission to feed needy pets and veterans.

Fornelli is a veterinarian who travels throughout New York state taking care of pets in need. He is also a Vietnam veteran and the executive director of the Dr. L.E. Baker Vet & Animal Clinic in Postville, NY.


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