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4 Reasons to Track Your Website Visitors

When 47% of all purchases now occur online, it’s no surprise that you want to make the most of your website. After all, it’s an easier way to reach out and get payment from your customers. The question is, are you getting the most sales from your current customer base on your site?

If you want to get the most from your website visitors, tracking what they do on your site is a great way to get things done. Below are five reasons that make website visitor tracking worth the effort.

1. See Converting Traffic Sources

The chances are good that you have several marketing channels to drive visitors to your website. While you may see positive results overall, you might not know which traffic sources produce the best results. If you’re in this situation, the chances are good that you’re wasting a lot of marketing dollars.

You can use your tracking software to figure out which traffic sources convert to the most visitors. You can use this data to help you figure out which marketing tactics are working best to focus on optimizing those traffic sources.

2. Understand Your Demographics

There’s only so much information you can get from your audience with information from your traffic sources. You may be able to do a decent job of determining your audience demographics on your own, but you may not always be correct. You need other ways to determine exactly who your audience is.

Using website tracking will help you do this. It will tell you more about where your audience comes from and their basic demographics. You can use this data to create content that appeals to those demographics.

3. Check Your Top Pages

There’s no getting around the fact that some of your pages are going to convert better than others. However, you won’t figure out what those pages are unless you use a website visitors tracker to figure out what people are doing on your site.

Once you have this information, you can focus on sending more traffic to your top pages. As you get more people to those pages, you can continue optimizing them to get the most value from those pages.

4. Split-Test Your Website

There are many little factors that play into whether or not someone will buy from a website. Unfortunately, it’s hard to track those things down by looking at general data. You need to see exactly how people interact with your site to figure this out.

Heatmap software will help you track what your visitors do on your page. This isn’t general information about the pages they visit. You’ll be able to see which website elements they interact with, so you can make small changes and see how user interactions change.

Start Tracking Your Website Visitors Today

Many people think getting more website visitors is one of the fastest ways to increase their business. However, that’s only one of the things you can do. Start visitor tracking today to optimize your website experience to see how quickly small changes can improve the number of people that convert to customers.

If you want to learn more great tips to help you manage your website, head back to the blog to check out the latest posts.

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