The right time to hire the printer repair company

The productivity would be severely affected when the photocopier machine fails to function properly. It leads to delay in work and even cause disturbance to the customer, affecting the business adversely.

Listed below are some of the common indicators to place a call to the technician for some assistance.

When the call for service indicator light blinks

When you notice the call for service indicator light on the machine, you should understand that it is time to call the copier repair service team to get it fixed. The information that you might need while calling the repair technicians are – asset ID located on the front of the printer or copier and the model number for the identification of the device.

Remote diagnostic services centre can help by diagnosing the issue even before coming to the office premises and help with the troubleshooting. This helps save valuable time waiting for the technician to arrive and fix the issue.

When the preventative maintenance is due

When you purchase the printer, you will have the preventive maintenance registered. And it is important to follow the schedule of the maintenance service. It helps the machine to perform properly and extend its durability of the Photocopier servicing and repairs machine.

Get in touch with the authorized dealer when it is time for preventive maintenance. The technicians will perform the inspection and address any problem promptly.

When you find difficulty in operating some of the features

You might notice that some of the features in the multiple function printers as not work. This is the signal to call the copier repair company for help. Sometimes software upgrades could affect the proper functioning of the device that will need immediate attention to ensure the productivity is not affected at the office.

When you notice performance issues

Performance issues could be lines and streaks on the printouts, printing blank pages, printing all-black pages, scanning issues would lead to seeking the technician’s help. The technician will be able to fix the issue either over the call remotely or will come to your office to get to issue rectified.

When Office Copier Constantly Needs Toner

Watch the toner consumption by the copy machine. If the toner is required to be constantly replaced, get the machine inspected by the repair technician. It is a severe problem as the toner could be collecting somewhere inside the machine.

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