Mark Roemer Oakland Explains How Vintage Décor Adds Value to Your Home

Mark Roemer Oakland Explains How Vintage Décor Adds Value to Your Home


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, vintage decor evokes a sense of nostalgia that we all cherish and value so much. Infusing your home with vintage decor can also add a touch of character, a blend of your personality. and style.

The Explanation

Here are a few ways how vintage decor adds value to your home:

  1. It helps you connect with others – Vintage decor includes furniture from many different eras and is a great conversation starter. When guests come to visit your home and notice so many wonderful works of passion from bygone timelines, it helps to remember the history and the great accomplishments of mankind and become valuable in itself.

Vintage decor also helps us realize that although it is possible for individuals to accomplish great success with effort, everything becomes effortless when we work together. Not to mention, vintage furniture are antique pieces that hold great sentimental value to their original owner; often a person of great stature, and are thus, quite expensive as well.

  1. It speaks to your soul – The theme of vintage artwork is the exploration of the past; the greatness and folly of humankind. Every artwork is meaningful and contains a powerful message that you can apply in your life. Thus, vintage artwork often serves as inspiration and when you decorate your rooms with vintage artworks, it feels like the whole room is speaking to our soul.

Whether it be posters of retro celebrities, handmade sculptures of Greek gods, or old frames, vintage artworks are costly but continue to increase in value with time. So, they are a great investment too.

  1. It instills calmness – Whether it be old suitcases and trunks that currently serve as support for other objects, old books with motes of dust and yellow pages that currently serve as a reminder of all the knowledge you have accumulated, or old electronics that make you realize how lucky you are to use fancy gadgets that the previous generation didn’t get to use in their era, it helps to calm you from the inside. Vintage decor enlightens you with the fact that there is always room for growth even when you believe your troubles have created hurdles for you that you cannot overcome.
  2. It helps you appreciate life – Most people are engaged in the rate race called life. They are constantly running behind everybody else without an aim that is true to themselves. And this causes great frustration. Vintage decor looks so out of place in the modern world that it instantly attracts you and forces you to slow down and stop for a moment, just enough time to allow you to appreciate all the finer things in life. It makes you realize that people throughout history have achieved fulfillment by detaching from the herd and carving their own path, even when the path was not easy to overcome.


Mark Roemer Oakland urges you to consider how vintage decor is different from your favorite decor style, why you want to adopt it, and when it’s the perfect time to transform your house into a new setting.

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