The Importance If Choosing An Faa-Accredited School In Florida


    The Federal Accredited Administration is government regulated and ensures air travel safety. Most flight training schools are not FAA accredited which makes it a cumbersome decision to make when trying to find one. This article will look at the importance of opting for an FAA accredited school as opposed to any other.

    • Higher quality of training than non-accredited schools

    Like any other institution, when a school is accredited it ensures a standardized level of learning. Moreover, in order for a school to be FAA approved, it must meet a set of standards written by the FAA. The FAA has written its rules with respect to equipment, facilities, personnel, and curricula. Therefore, one should go for flight schools in Florida that have met FAA authorized standards.

    • Observation of safety protocols and qualified course instructors

    An FAA approved flight school has to verify that its operations include protocols to provide for the safety of students and instructors as well. Instructors are also required to have the necessary certifications and relevant experience in order to train under any FAA approved school. The flight schools in Florida are FAA approved and only utilize professional and qualified instructors.

    • Approved aircraft operation and maintenance

    All the aircrafts that are used by any FAA approved flight schools in Florida must align with specific guidelines that include:

    1. A certified aircraft that meets all the standards of aircrafts provided by the Federal Aviation Administration.
    2. The aircrafts must be maintained and inspected as per the aircraft-used-for-hire policy.
    3. The aircrafts must each be equipped with two power controlled pilot stations for flight training.
    4. The aircrafts must be equipped and maintained according to both Visual Flight Rule and Instrument Flight Rule operations.
    • Quality facilities for course instruction

    An FAA approved flight school is required to provide detailed information about the facilities designated for instruction including classrooms and audio/visual equipment. Flight schools are also required to provide information about the aircrafts used and the instructor’s qualifications.

    • Well integrated course syllabus

    The FAA requires a syllabus for each course offered by any flight school in Florida. The syllabus must include course objectives and assessments to determine the students’ level of grasp of information. The course structure and content should demonstrate compliance with government regulations as well.

    • No need for practical experience

    If you choose to move forward with a career in aviation, choosing an FAA accredited will speed up the process of being FAA certified. Choosing an FAA accredited school will not only prepare you for your new career path, but will also help to expedite the process and eliminate the need for practical experience.

    • Reasonable training fees

    Most FAA accredited schools cost less or averagely the same as non-accredited schools. Therefore, you will get high quality training for reasonable charges.


    Most of the flight schools in Florida are FAA accredited and therefore enrolling in one for your flight training program will ensure quality learning as well as a sturdy career foundation.