An Inside Look Into How the Crime Scene Cleaning Process Works


    The one thing they never show enough in movies and TV shows is how a crime scene cleaning company swoops in to do the most critical job after a police investigation. When a traumatic event has happened, there is a lot of mess that needs to be cleaned.

    Think bodily fluids, horrendous smelling garbage, and everything else that no one else would want to take care of. A good team needs to be mentally and emotionally equipped to go through the experience while getting the place cleaned up.

    Crime scene cleaners are the heroes that wear protective gear instead of superhero costumes for the work they do. Here is a look into how the cleaning process works.

    Why Is Crime Scene Cleaning Important?

    Crime scene cleaning involves biohazardous materials that are left behind after a traumatic event. These need to be removed carefully to avoid being a danger to others. Then a team of professionals cleans the house or apartment where the crime occurred to restore it back to its usual self.

    Regular cleaning services lack the training and equipment to clean unimaginable messes after a crime. These professionals come in after suicides, disease contamination incidents, homicides, and other traumatic events to clean.

    Doing this yourself can be dangerous and exceedingly complex. For instance, you may get exposed to infectious materials that can lead to severe illness or death. You can also come across HIV, Hepatitis B, and so much more.

    Crime scene cleaning is one of the most demanding jobs. If you are part of the cleaning crew, you will need to manage several challenging situations.

    For example, if you see a lot of blood and bodily fluids, you cannot show how squeamish you feel. It is necessary to present yourself as professionally as possible and have a lot of thick skin to get the job done right.

    What the Cleanup Process Looks Like?

    Your local crime scene cleaning company will specialize in sanitizing homes and cleaning businesses or vehicles after suicides, industrial accidents, and other horrific incidents.

    They also show a lot of compassion to the people receiving cleanup services following a traumatic event. You should think of a crime scene cleanup company as “second responders.” Their goal is to support families and help them recover by relieving them of the hardship of cleaning their homes.

    Someone who has witnessed suicide or murder does not have to return to a messy house because their crime scene cleaning company ensures that everything is sanitized and spotless. This way, people can grieve their loss instead of needing to do the tough job of cleaning while grappling with so many emotions.

    Suicides or Accidents

    When a suicide happens, there is a lot of biological material that needs to be handled carefully. A crime scene cleanup company has the skills and experience to thoroughly tidy the mess compared to a regular firm.

    There will be a lot of biological waste and matter that needs professionals since this is not safe for others to encounter. Not every cleaning company is qualified to tackle blood and fluids that can cover entire rooms, depending on how tragic the situation is.

    Crime scene cleaners have all the proper knowledge and tools to remediate any scene safely. They are exceptionally thorough and know how important this is for the families involved or the person that needs to continue living in the property.

    Tear Gas Cleaning

    Law enforcement officials often use tear gas when they encounter criminals. The scene of the crime can be brutal to clean if tear gas is involved. Until all the chemicals are disinfected, the area will be unsafe for everyone else who is not part of the crime scene cleaning crew.

    Residents may get evacuated because any space with tear gas should not be inhabited until all the residue is thoroughly washed off.

    Unattended Death Cleaning

    Many people live alone, and unattended deaths are quite common. When people die and start decomposing for a while, the cleanup becomes difficult.

    A thorough analysis of the area needs to be done to check if any pathogens are lingering in the air. This needs to be removed before anyone can be allowed back inside the house or apartment the death took place in.

    Training and Background

    You will undoubtedly come across some of the most horrific scenes. A career in crime scene cleaning is not for everyone. However, it is not too difficult to get your foot in the door. In many states, a college certification or degree is not required to join this profession.

    Crime scene cleaners need to possess a lot of compassion. They encounter several tragic circumstances and need skills to reassure and support families and loved ones who are grieving.

    They also need a lot of stamina because the job is physically challenging. A typical technician would need to wear full facemasks, respirators, biohazard suits, and several sets of clean gloves.

    Employee training involves education about best practices. A new cleaner would also be taught how to effectively use personal protective equipment (PPE) to prevent risking themselves to pathogens or bloodborne diseases. Much attention to detail is required on the job because the cleaning process can lead to health risks.

    The protocol must always be followed. Cleaners are also needed to work during odd hours, so they must be dedicated to showing up when they are called and be flexible with scheduling.

    Employees have integrity because clients put a lot of trust in a crime scene cleaning crew. A grieving family will leave all their belongings behind in the house. While cleaning, employees need to ensure the safety of someone’s personal property.

    All employees undergo a background check and random drug testing. This keeps them alert and ready for any challenging scenario the job entails.

    More Than Cleaning

    A crime scene cleaning company does more than tidying up the place. Following a traumatic incident, these professionals brave through the scene to restore and bring it back to life for the next person that needs to live there.

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