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The construction of a wooden sheed

Aksestroy LLC has been assembling and installing wooden, plastic and  metal storage sheds for commercial and home use for over 5 years. From the smallest 3×6 to the largest custom made, our qualified staff has the experience, equipment to assemble and install  any  shed. We also  build a cement and wooden base for the installation of a garage. In fact, the base is the main parameter for the correct assembly and long-term service of  your shed. For sheds larger than 15×8, it is more logical to make a concrete structure, for smaller ones, a wooden one is quite suitable. We use ground contact treated lumber and timber, which will ensure the durability of the structure in almost any conditions.

The construction of a wooden base does not take more than half a day, we do not even go to the site to see the installation area, a couple of photos from the client are enough. For the construction of a concrete base, a pro goes to measure, after which we estimate the cost of material and labor. It is important to remember that you need to get a permit from your local building department. After signing the contract, we first start preparing the soil, building a wooden frame, laying a metal  net for reinforcement and pouring concrete. We let the concrete dry for about 10-14 days and proceed to the assembly of the garage .

Sheds are made of  3 basic materials: wood, plastic and  metal. The most common are plastic ones. The most environmentally friendly and beautiful are wooden ones. Metal – for those who want to see a solid building for less money than wood. The construction of a wooden garage takes most of the time, along with painting and shingles installation, it can take up to 3 days. Plastic of any size is usually  assembled no more than within  1 day.

Metal , if large, then we can spend one and a half working days for 2 people to raise it up.  A common issue is  repair of above ground pools. Repair usually consists of reinstalling the pool if it was assembled unprofessionally. Also, if there are leaks, holes in a liner, we replace  the liner. If you have a deck attached to your pool, you need to see if there is access to the liner or if you need to partially dismantle the deck. Liners are of different types: J hook, beaded, overlap. The first two can be replaced very easily if the pool is drained. Use a pool cover to prevent dust , grass and leaves getting inside and you will prolong its life. If a pump or sand filter fails, it has to  be replaced.


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