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The Best Ways to Sell Your Unwanted Gadgets Online

Finding somewhere to sell your unwanted gadgets can be challenging. Technology moves on so quickly nowadays that gadgets quickly become out of date. Knowing what to do with an Apple device you no longer use or digital camera that’s been upgraded can be a worry. You don’t want to have it hanging around gathering dust, and it’s not ecologically sound to throw it in the rubbish. Luckily, there are ways you can sell your iPhone or any other gadget online.

The following tips will help you do it properly.

Know the Best Place to Sell Your Stuff

There are countless marketplaces to choose from if you want to sell your gadgets quickly and easily. Sites like eBay, Sell My Mobile, and many others are great places to advertise and sell a wide range of electronic goods, from Apple Macbooks to the latest iPhone.

Take Good Care of Your Gadgets

You’ll get a better price for your gadgets if you take good care of them. Just because you’re not using them anymore doesn’t mean they should be left in the back of a cupboard to get damaged. Keeping a smartphone in a case and a laptop in a bag, for example, will preserve their performance and quality.


Keep Receipts and All Accessories

It’s always a good idea to keep receipts for the gadgets you buy. The box is also worth keeping. Any prospective buyers are going to be happy to pay a higher price if you can provide a receipt and the original box. If any accessories were with the gadget when you bought it, keep them safe to sell as well.

Be Smart with Your Advertising

A good place to start advertising your gadgets is with family and friends. It might surprise you how effective word of mouth advertising can be. Facebook groups and buy and sell websites, can also be used to promote your gadgets. Make sure you take some great photos of the items you want to sell and take note of any advertising rules on the websites you choose to sell your items on.

When you post your gadget for sale don’t make the listing too long. A reader will very quickly get bored if there’s too much information. The important details to include are the condition, age, and warranty. Keep anything else you write short and to the point. You may get potential buyers asking questions and answering them is important, even if you think the answer is already there in your listing.

Keep an Eye on Release Dates

If you want to sell your iPhone or some other gadget, you’ll get a better price for the generation you’re selling if you can get it advertised just before the release of the latest model.

Don’t Forget to Wipe the Memory

Not all gadgets have internal storage but those that do need to be wiped before you make a sale. The process required will vary from one device to another but don’t forget because you don’t want people getting hold of your photos or personal data.

Be Wary of Those Who Take Advantage

Scammers are a problem, whatever it is you’re trying to sell. It is, however, easy to weed them out if you know what to look for. First off, an offer that’s too good to be true typically is. A buyer expecting you to jump through many hoops is also a warning sign of a scammer.

These tips will hopefully help you make a successful sale.            

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