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Stock Analysis at Your Fingertips: Why You Need Stock Software


Knowing the current stock market’s weather is done through specific tools and applications. One for instance is the stock trading software. Traders and investors would then use the application to see whether it is the right time to make a move or not. In this article, you’ll learn and understand the importance of stock trading software.

Stock Software: An Overview

Stock trading software is a tool that broadcasts the stock market’s current health. The tool factors in various conditions to provide a complete broadcast of the current stock market’s status and health. This tool also allows investors and traders to sell or buy company assets or stocks.

The software also provides access to previous and present market data to the trader. From there, they can come up with an approach in response to new stock market situations.

Why Do You Need a Stock Software?

In this section, you’ll be educated on why you’ll need stock charting software. You’ll get to see the many benefits that it can provide to a user. This section may also feature some of the general capabilities of the app too. With that said, here are the perks of using stock charting software:

Easy Monitoring of the Current Stock Market Health

Stock charting software provides its users access to real-time information. The real-time data covers the current stock prices, market trends, and many more valuable updates. Through this information, traders and investors make better decisions. In short, real-time data monitoring allows people to react according to the situation

Your Portfolio Is Easier To Track

Stock charting software also provides users access to a tracker for their portfolio. This portfolio is then linked to a centralized location. The portfolio tracker provides all the necessary data and info. The data and info it covers are usually the stock’s performance and the portfolio’s value. The portfolio tracking feature also includes a historic data tracker.

The last feature mentioned is important as investors can assess their current holdings. Then they can identify any possible risks or opportunities and also form an approach accordingly.

Customized Features and Notification Alerts

In general, most stock charting software should have customization features and notification alerts. Users can customize set parameters to receive notifications. These parameters can be customized depending on what conditions they want. For instance, if an investor wants to know whether the stock reached desirable prices – they can set notifications to that.

Through alert customization, it keeps investors well-informed about the current stock market’s health.

Access to Technical Analysis Tools

Stock market or charting software also grants access to analysis tools. They can range from charts, indicators and also, historical price data. The tools and visuals are very handy to investors and traders. From the data presented in the tools, they can analyze market patterns and trends.

After analyzing, traders and investors can make more intelligent decisions. Examples of said decisions are holding off on investing or buying the stocks when the time is right.

Research and Insight Tools

Some of the stock charting tools have access to research reports and expert insights. These reports and insights are taken from credible and trusted sources. Investors can utilize these reports and insights to form a deeper understanding of various factors. For instance, an investor researches a specific stock and notices its current situation.

  • Take note that not all stock charting software has research and insight tools. If you’re after these tools, it’s advised that you research the features of the stock software you’re after. Check whether they have research and insight tools available if you do opt for their stock charting tool.

Provides an Efficient and Convenient Way to Access Data

As stated earlier, since stock charting software runs in real-time – it’s easier to obtain the needed info. The software will compile all of this information in one platform. Compiling all of these data into one place which saves the trouble of investors having to pull from multiple sources.

Also, it reduces the likelihood of encountering inconsistent information.

May Provide Mobile Support

Most stock charting software should have both a PC and a mobile port. If your stock charting tool has a mobile version, then it’s easier to receive the latest news on the stock market. Investors enjoy stock charting apps with mobile support as they can allow them to track data while on the go.

Take note that even though stock charting software is a valuable asset – it doesn’t guarantee success. You can utilize this tool to form strategies that allow you to mitigate problems or receive any professional advice.

Monitor the Market Situation With Ease, Get a Stock Software!

If you haven’t obtained a stock charting software yet but want to get the latest news on the stock market then what are you doing? Install or purchase a stock charting tool now! You won’t have to pull data from various sources anymore. You can stay tuned to the latest trends and news in the stock market.

Most importantly, stock software helps you stay informed whether it’s time to make a move and buy or sell stocks or save them for a later point.


1.   Is Stock Charting Software Free?

  • No, generally stock charting software isn’t free to use. You will require to pay for the application so that you can end up with a legit and licensed copy.
  • There are some stock charting apps though that do provide a free trial period where you can use all features to test it out. By the time that trial period is over – that’s where you need to start paying up to continue use.

2.   Is Stock Charting Software Easy to Use?

  • Generally, these stock charting tools should be easy to use as they have user-friendly interfaces. If you’re having trouble using them, you can consult online tutorials made by users or by the developer. Take your time learning them, it’s best that you take the basics first so you can get the hang of the app.

3.   What Systems Do Stock Software Work On?

  • Stock charting and trading tools are compatible with both Linux and Windows operating systems. Most opt for Windows for its user-friendliness. However, the more tech-savvy ones prefer to use Linux. As for phones, both should be compatible with Android or iOS.
  • You should consult the application’s page and check their system compatibilities first. You’d not want to end up installing the wrong version on your system.
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