Pro Tips to Achieve High Scores in Class 12 Physics


    Class 12 is the most important Class in your career. Your future depends on the result of Class 12, which is why students are eager to prepare with the best of the resources. For getting good marks, they purchase so many guide books, reference books and other study material. If you score well in Class 12, there are high chances that you will get admission to the most prestigious universities around the globe and you may also get scholarships to get admission to foreign universities. If you are a Science student, you would be studying subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Maths, or both. These are the subjects that require equal time and dedication. You cannot leave one and give priority to another. Proper time management along with sleep is important for you to be fit for appearing in Class 12 examinations. 

    Talking about Physics, it is a subject that requires a lot of practice before attempting the exam. This is because you cannot appear in the Physics examination without doing rigorous practice. There are several numericals in Class 12 Physics, so you need to practice formula application as to which formulae will be fit in which particular numerical. Follow these pro tips to score good marks in Class 12 Physics exam:

    1. Manage your time properly: As Class 12 is important, not just from the point of view of exams but from the viewpoint of competitive exams as well, it requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Equal contribution is needed to the subjects including English, physical education, etc. In all chaos, a student must be able to give enough time to each subject and concept. Class 12 Physics includes topics like optics, electrostatics, current-electricity, and electromagnetic induction, which require extra attention. Though all topics are necessary, these topics are the one which require extra time and effort. They should divide topics according to their weightage in the board examination. Students who fear numericals should focus on the 1st book of Physics as it has the majority of numericals for practicing purposes. There are 2 books of Physics, of which, the first is based on numericals and the other one is mostly theory based. There are very easy topics in the 2nd book, so they do not require much time in preparation. You can prepare them in less time. Management of time is important as knowing which chapter requires more attention is necessary.
    2. Stick to NCERT books: We have seen students rushing towards book shops to buy different reference books to score good marks in the board examination, but they realize later, that these reference books are nothing but an extension to what is given in NCERT books. Board examinations are based on NCERT textbooks. Since they follow the CBSE syllabus, the paper also depicts that it is from NCERT books. If you do not have an NCERT textbook then you can find the NCERT Physics Class 12 pdf online. This pdf is exhaustive in itself as it is the scanned copy of NCERT Physics. NCERT books are like a holy grail for Class 12 students as it is evident that questions in the exam paper cannot come from outside of NCERT. Most of the questions are asked directly from the NCERT book itself, if you have practiced all the questions which are present in that book. It is suggested that students should practice questions from NCERT books to get good marks in Class 12 Physics exams.
    3. Revision is the key: Physics is a mixture of both theoretical concepts and numerical problems. This is why it requires more time for preparation. Students find Physics tough as it is not based on just one principle. There are various theories, diagrams, numerical problems, theories, and laws, but if they bifurcate the whole syllabus based on the weightage of marks and other factors, it will be easier for them to understand the concepts and complete the syllabus. The syllabus is vast and there is less time to prepare, so students should not wait for the next day for preparation. Along with the written examination, there will be practicals as well. You have to be focused while your teacher is showing you how to perform the practicals as, during the board practicals, you will have to perform the practicals yourself. Class 12 Physics is very crucial for competitive exams as well so your preparation should not be restricted to board exams. It should be in a way that it covers your preparation for competitive exams as well. Revision is the most important part of the preparation stage as it is the last step where you recall all those things which you’ve read till now and the things you will revise will be there with you in the examination hall. You should be able to manage your time in such a way that you get to revise at least 3 to 4 times before your actual examination. There are several exams conducted on the school level before boards and your revision should be in such a way that no concept is left unclear.

    These are some pro tips which you should follow to score high marks in your Physics examination. Preparing well from NCERT books will automatically give you success not just in boards but in competitive exams as well because all the exams are conducted by CBSE and their pattern is the same. You can observe this fact by solving previous year’s question papers which are available online on various websites. There are repeated questions in the board examination, so if you have solved the past 10 year’s question papers, you will find similarities in your paper. That is why people say practising is key. If you are also searching for good material on which you can rely to score good marks in Class 12, then you must prepare your notes by yourself and crosscheck them with verified sources. This way you can learn and write the concepts and those notes will be helpful to you in the longer run.


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