Top 6 Fun Fall Activities for Kids

With the back-to-school season rolling in, your kids may be a little down. However, fall doesn’t have to be a downer. It’s a beautiful and colorful time of the year, which your kids can learn to enjoy. What you should do is lift their spirits by having some fun together as a family. The team at Uptown Jungle Peoria has prepared some cool fall activities for you to try out with your little ones. Read on and get ready to have a blast. With these tips, you’ll make the most out of this fall.

  1. Have fun with pumpkins

They may be fresh from their summer break but this is no reason to feel sad. Show your children the unique beauty and magic of fall by taking some of nature’s gifts and turning it into an amazing toy. Here’s how:

  • Pay a visit to a local pick-your-own pumpkin farm. 
  • Make a day out of carving out pumpkins.
  • Decorate pumpkins with colorful stickers and markers.
  • Have a competition for the coolest decorated pumpkin.
  1. Make leaves their favorite toy

Kids can use leaves to do loads of interesting crafts. Here are only a few things to try out:

  • Take a walk out in nature and collect leaves of different shapes and sizes.
  • Use the opportunity to teach them how to recognize different trees and explain the role of leaves in a plant’s natural life cycle.
  • Jump into a leaf pile.
  • Have a leaf blow race where kids need to blow a leaf as far as they can using a straw.
  • Glue leaves to a piece of paper in the shapes of animals and people. Draw on details.
  1. Enjoy forest-y vibes

Apart from spending the last warm days outdoors, observing the changes in nature, there are other activities you could do to recreate those autumnal vibes at home:

  • Make acorn people by using glue and drawing faces onto them with a marker.
  • Make a funny scarecrow.
  • Collect sticks and create many different DIY projects.
  • Read children’s stories with forest animals as the main characters.
  • Draw cute forest critters.
  1. Have a spooky season

Is there any holiday children look forward to more than Halloween? Here’s how to make it extra special:

  • Make your costumes together.
  • Have a scavenger hunt with a spooky theme.
  • Make a paper bag monster hand puppet.
  • Create mini ghost DIYs using white tissues and rubber bands.
  • Let them choose where Halloween decorations go and put them up on their own.
  • Make paper cut outs in the shape of spiders, witches, and other spooky creatures.
  • Make your own goody bags with Halloween candy.
  • Play the Wrap the Mummy game using toilet paper.
  • Make a bat using a black sock.
  1. Prepare yummy snacks

There are many fall foods that children absolutely love. Best of all, they can even help you make them and learn some useful skills while having fun:

  • Roast pumpkin seeds and enjoy a savory snack. 
  • Make a delicious, aromatic pumpkin pie.
  • Bake tasty apple chips.
  • Make simple caramel apples.
  • Follow cool Halloween recipes, like the one for ghost cupcakes.
  1. Get away from the cold

Cozy up under a blanket, read a bedtime story, and have a cup of warm cocoa, kid-friendly cinnamon latte, or alcohol-free apple cider. Now that you can’t be out and about as much as you were during summer, you can spend more time at home as a family playing board games or watching spooky movies. Most importantly, it’s as good a time as any to bond with your little ones and teach them important life lessons.


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