Leave a Lasting Impression with a Video Brochure

Paper brochures, does anyone read those? Or are they instantly folded up into your pocket until you find the nearest bin?

Coming up with a good marketing strategy can be difficult these days. Everything feels like it’s already been done.

But with advancements in technology and trends, come opportunities for marketing. The sooner you adopt something new and different that no one’s heard of yet, the faster you can think outside the box and produce an original idea to make your brand stand out.

Introducing the Video Brochure

Your paper marketing efforts may be ignored, but if you handed someone a video brochure, they might look at you as if you’re from the future! It will definitely leave an impression.

Not just a great way to capture attention. Whoever receives a video brochure will no doubt use it as a talking point in conversation. This equals free marketing for you via word of mouth.

We are currently in an age where people are still amazed at some of the small things they can do with technology – “I can turn my TV on with my phone? Wow!”

A video brochure creates that personal reaction. They’ll remember your brand and what you want to say.

But What is a Video Brochure?

Although the thought of moving pictures on paper sounds futuristic, video brochures have been around several years now. But many people still haven’t heard of them or seen one.

A marriage of physical and digital marketing, a video brochure features a screen of varying sizes. Ranging between 10.1 inches down to a 2.4-inch LCD screen that can be put into a video business card which will get you noticed. The screens are similar to that of an older phone or portable games console, but with better resolution, including HD.

Video Brochure Features

Video brochures are customisable to your needs, from size to video resolution. You can also choose between a softcover or hardcover, depending on your preferences.

Just like with a book, the hardcovers will have a premium feel and remain more durable for longer.

Softcovers feature a simpler design layout and can enjoy benefits of 10% less expense compared to hardcover; plus, cheaper postage due to weighing less. Softcovers are much more commonly requested. Softcover is not as flimsy as it sounds, the soft cover refers to cards being wrapped around a foam base and then laminated on its outer layer.

The brochures also feature controls for turning the volume of the video up or down, a play/pause button, replay button or different buttons if the video brochure features multiple videos.

Micro USB cables also come provided free of charge for recharging, re-viewing and redistributing the video brochures.

Video Brochures for your Business

For advertising, you can use a video brochure as a fun and informative way to quickly explain what your product or service does or how it’s beneficial. The brochures can be handed to someone personally or mailed.

Videos are many people’s preferred method of learning. Marketing with videos has proven to be highly successful. If an advert on social media contains a video, it is much more likely to catch their attention, get them watching and then wanting to find out more.

The brochures are custom printed to match your design and branding. Because of this it can typically take two to three weeks to be produced, but a free sample can be in your hands within 48 hours.

Who Uses Video Brochures?

Many industries can consider using video brochures for marketing and within their business. Industries already using video brochures include Healthcare, brochures for Education and Training, IT, Finance and Real Estate – to name a few.

Video brochures have been used for training engineers working in underground tunnels. Signals and networks won’t reach these areas, so the handheld and battery powered video training booklets were a quick and ideal solution to overcome this. The booklet’s videos were all stored in the memory of the device, so no internet access was needed.

A Video Brochure for You

Now you know what they are and how they’re used, consider a video brochure. For marketing strategies, education methods and anything your imagination will allow. People will remember you for it.


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