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Is Antivirus Renewal a good idea?

Comparing the Antivirus Renewal costs is not a cakewalk, as the online market is well-equipped with a flurry of options for you to explore!

No matter if you are looking to invest a huge sum of money in property, buy Antivirus software, or are looking for Antivirus renewal, it’s always a smart decision to scout the market before making an ideal purchase.

Wondering if you still need an Antivirus?

In today’s era, almost everything you use is digital. Every day, new viruses are unleashed. Some cause damage to your computer hardware, some cause data leaks in the organization, and some may use your PC/laptop for sending Phishing emails.

That’s all because Malware mainly targets Operating systems, out of which some of the OS are in high radar. For instance, Windows is the main OS that every hacker targets for planning and implementing Ransomware attacks. It’s no doubt that Windows comes up with an in-built Antivirus, but it’s always a better idea to install a third-party Antivirus Software for Total Security.

After all, when it comes to protecting yourself from online fraud, only you are your premier line of defense, not anyone else.

Now, comes the question;

Which option is good to go with?

Option A: To go with Antivirus Renewal

Option B: To Buy a New Antivirus Software

Solution: Entirely, it depends upon which Antivirus Software you are using at present and what is the renewal cost for the same.  Well, if you are really satisfied with its overall protection and think that it’s appropriate for your PC/laptop, you may go with its renewal. You may also go with the option of auto-subscription and stay away from the dark landscape of online threats for a lifetime.

But, if you didn’t like the Total Security Antivirus software that you are using at present, then you may go online and explore various options available.

Suggestion* you should go with Total Security Antivirus Renewal, as renewing the software is cheaper than buying a new Antivirus!

Before selecting any of the above options, it’s always better to avoid these 3 buying mistakes that even a tech-savvy individual can get fall prey to:

  1. Compromising Protection to save money

It may be exciting to choose a cheaper Antivirus software, but compromising protection just to save a penny is never a good idea! Selecting cheaper protection will open a new door for cyber threats to peep in, that in the future can prove to be a costly affair. So, make a wise decision to experience a better tomorrow today itself.

  1. Renewing only because of the Pricing constraint

As said earlier in this article, there are two options. The first is renewing the old one and the second is buying a new one. Well, it’s in your hands which one you choose! Decide by not only focusing on the price constraint but other factors as well!

  1. Turning Blind eyes to the Privacy policy

Everyone is different in their own way, isn’t it? The same is the case when it comes to the privacy policy of an Antivirus company. Before renewing, you should keep in mind what type of data Antivirus collects, and how the company uses your data. Make sure that it doesn’t share your data with third parties.

What happens when you don’t renew or subscribe to your Expired Antivirus?

Renewing your expired Antivirus is important for several reasons, the main reason of which is to protect your digital devices and sensitive data from ongoing threats for a lifetime.

But, what worst can take place if you don’t renew or auto-subscribe your expired software? Let’s look at a few consequences:

  • Zero Protection from the Malicious threats
  • No more latest updates about the viruses entering your system
  • No technical support

What is the importance of renewing or auto-subscribe your Antivirus Software?

Renewing your existing software license is usually the best way to go forward and is worth your salt. Renewal or auto-renewal is significant to make sure that your device gets uninterrupted protection for a lifetime. By turning on auto-renewal, the features don’t get lapse and keep your devices protected 24*7. Other advantages of renewing your Antivirus are as follows:

  • It helps you save time as there is no need to go through another antivirus available in the market. Auto-renewal is important if you like the Antivirus. On the other hand, if you didn’t like the antivirus you’re using, then searching for a new one is always a better idea.
  • It is a great cost-saver as renewing is much cheaper than buying new software to match all your security needs.
  • It protects your sensitive data and puts a halt to viruses from entering your system as it knows how your system reacts to different websites and knows all the places where your sensitive data and information is stored.


Having a security solution in place is the same as the Covid vaccination to keep the Coronavirus at bay. If you using digital devices without an Antivirus solution, go and get one installed in your system today. Most appropriately, go for a comprehensive solution that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Dear readers, keep this in mind. Security software isn’t attractive; it is of utmost importance. It helps you experience a safer online world.


Stay safe all the folks!

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