International ESSCA: strengths, training and opportunities

International ESSCA: strengths, training and opportunities

The ESSCA, School of Management is an internationally renowned institution that was established in France in 1909 and is home to a comprehensive selection of management-related courses and degrees. It is among just 1% of business schools in the world that holds AACSB, AMBA, and EQUIS accreditation, indicating that a degree from International ESSCA is recognized and accepted across the world.

ESSCA’s eight campuses are spread around the globe: France (Paris, Anger, Lyon, Bordeaux, and Aix-en Provence), Hungary (Budapest), and China (Shanghai).

ESSCA Online Campus is an ESSCA campus whose classes are 100% online and dedicated to students from all around the world.

At ESSCA Online Campus we think that any of our students is capable of making an impact in this ever-changing world.

We know that our children will do well and be able to make progress in the directions they choose. No matter where you are or what life throws at you, our fully online campus makes it possible for you to get the education you want whenever and wherever you like.

Sharp specializations for any professional project

It is on its Lyon campus that ESSCA plans to open 5 new specializations from September 2022 in its Grandes Écoles Program. It thus responds to the demands of the labor market. The specializations are as follows:

  • Audit-Expertise: to learn about business legislation, taxation, accounting, or management control and finance in general;
  • Consulting: a specialization in English in order to train real consultants with advanced analytical skills;
  • Financial Management: which is also done in English and which allows students to become players in the world of finance by being trained in management control and internal control;
  • Human Resources & Talent Management: this last specialization exclusively in English provides students with strong skills in human resources and organizational labor relations;
  • Marketing & Customer Experience: accompanied by work-study programs, this specialization allows students to acquire comprehensive knowledge of how to make an offer to a client.

It delivers the Master’s degree and with its Bachelor’s program the license degree. Finally, ESSCA is one of the 1% of management schools in the world to hold AACSB, AMBA, and EQUIS accreditations, and is ranked in the list of the best Masters in Management by the Financial Times. To conclude, ESSCA seeks more flexibility from its graduates. The latter thus have all the keys in hand to succeed and find a place in the labor market. These brand new specializations are today in the middle of the process in which the school has settled to evolve.

How to integrate ESSCA after the baccalaureate?

Historically, International ESSCA is the first school to offer competitive training after the baccalaureate. Originally, the Grandes Ecoles offered admission only after a preparatory class. Today, we find this trademark in our two largest post-baccalaureate programs: the Bachelor in International Management and the Grande Ecole Program. 

These programs are accessible by competition after obtaining the baccalaureate, but also in parallel admissions. 

What is ESSCA’s place internationally?

We currently have two international campuses: Budapest and Shanghai. In addition, we allow our students to complete a semester abroad. It is a condition for obtaining the diploma in the Bachelor in International Management and the PGE. 

For students who want to go further, we also offer international experiences in our partner universities, with double degrees to boot.

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