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How To Make Your Vehicle More Fuel Efficient


Most motorists are concerned about fuel prices. But you don’t have to go for a hybrid or go for a subcompact econo-box to save on fuel. Actually, your vehicle may use 30% less energy if you properly maintain it regularly. 

You already know the importance of car maintenance. And maybe you even know that companies like old world industries can sell you quality car maintenance products. But for some reason, you may not be doing it often. 

With fuel prices unlikely to reduce any time soon, you need to think of ways of using less fuel. Not only will you save some dollars, but you’ll help reduce carbon emissions and promote the growth of a healthy planet. 

Here are some ways you can make your vehicle more efficient:

Minimize Drag

When your car’s interior is warm, you’re likely to switch on the air conditioning or roll down the windows. Both methods may cost you depending on your speed. Having your windows down will make you drag and use more fuel, while air conditioning requires energy to function.

Therefore, when at low speeds, it’s advisable to open the windows. That’s because the fuel you’ll use is less than that you’d use to power your conditioner. However, when you’re driving on a motorway, it’s best to roll up the windows and turn on the climate control. That way, you’ll use less fuel than if the windows were down.

Eliminate Excess Weight

When you’re not using your roof rack, it’s advisable to remove it. You also want to ensure that there’s no rubbish in the car. Toys, deckchairs, and balls may be handy, but they’re pretty expensive to transport everywhere. You should always ensure that your trunk is clear unless you have to carry essential things. By clearing it, your car will weigh less and consume less fuel. 

Inflate Your Tyres With The Correct Pressure

If your car tires don’t have the correct pressure, you’ll use more fuel. When your tires are underinflated, they’ll increase their contact surface area. And the more contact surface area there is, the more the wheel will drag. If you don’t know how to tell if your tires are properly inflated, it would be best to ask a mechanic or any other professional to help you. 

Top Up Your Tank With The Fuel You Require

Topping up your tank with the needed fuel can save you a lot of money and keep your fuel from going slightly further. To know the correct amount of fuel you need for every journey, have a notebook. Then, write down the amount of fuel you use to get from one point to the other. Ensure you write in terms of liters and not dollars because fuel prices keep changing, but liters are constant.

One downside of having a full tank is that it’ll add extra weight to your car. If your tank has a capacity of 109 liters, you’ll agree that’s a significant weight. If you can’t carry a 109-liter water bottle in your trunk, why would you have a full tank?

The Bottom Line

There are several ways of saving fuel. You don’t have to ditch your car for a greener one. If you follow these tips, you may save yourself from spending hundreds of dollars more on fuel. 

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