5 Tips for Running a Successful Mall Kiosk

    5 Tips for Running a Successful Mall Kiosk

    There are many benefits to starting your own kiosk: low cost for a startup, you get to choose from many locations and kiosks are easy to manage. However, possibly the greatest benefit is the option of soft-testing the market for your product.

    A kiosk in a mall will give you a clearer view of how the everyday consumer lives and breathes, and that’s crucial insight for you, as it allows you to adapt your product and your practices accordingly! In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at how a mall kiosk operates and what practices should you implement to run your kiosk successfully!

    Give Away Free Promotional Products

    This is a great way to stay in the eye of the customer even when they leave the mall! When you’re just starting your business, make sure to give away custom pens and pencils, as well as masks, stickers, lighters and anything else people use in their everyday lives. It’d be best to give these as a gift to your clients, but if you can afford it, it would be great to hand them out to people who are just passing by too!

    Even though these people aren’t your customers right now, they might look at the pen with your business’s name and logo on it and come back to you!

    Choose a Great Location

    If you’re lucky to have a variety of choices when you’re choosing a spot for your kiosk, make sure to do some research before deciding on a spot. The most important factor when picking a spot should be traffic. The chances of you actually achieving your goals sale-wise are far greater when there are a lot of people passing by or engaging with your business.

    Even if they don’t immediately stop by to buy your products or services, they might remember you for later (especially if they have your pen in their hand)! If a larger number of people knows your business, the chances of getting a customer are also greater.

    Make Your Kiosk Attractive

    First impressions are crucial, and that means that creating a lasting one should be crucial for you. Because of this, make sure to put your top-selling product out in the front of your display. You want to make the most attractive part of your business the most prominent one, as well.

    Given that most malls have many kiosks inside, it’s unlikely that the average shopper is just going to spend money at every single one. They’re most likely just going to buy the stuff they need, and that’s why it’s crucial for them to notice the exact thing they need at your kiosk first!

    Remember that there are many other stores in every single direction in a mall, and there are many people shuffling around, as well. If you want your potential customers to notice you, you have to draw their attention away from other venues.

    Focus on Displaying Things Your Customers Want

    The space you have in your kiosk is much more limited when you compare it to your store space. Therefore, you have to define exactly what your customers want and make sure that those things are available in your kiosk. Since these are your top-sellers, they’re the products that are most likely going to make a sale.

    Additionally, you shouldn’t fear if you don’t have a product that’s not as popular. Just inform your customers that the product is available at the actual store.

    Make sure to listen to what your employees are saying and do an analysis of the average customer’s needs and wants. It’s possible that your clients at the mall kiosk don’t have the same needs as the clients that visit your primary location!

    Work on Customer Service

    Customer service can make or break your business. The difference between a kiosk and a store is primarily in the fact that one of your employees will be actively approaching clients and buyers in the mall. In order for this to actually work, it’s crucial for them to be attentive and good at making sales.

    That’s why you have to make sure that the people you hire have great communication skills and people skills. For them to be of use to the business, your employees firstly have to be of use to the customer. They have to know and understand the products and the services, ready to answer any question a client might ask. It’s best to work with your employees on their people skills and to only employ the most communicative candidates!