How to Increase Sales on Amazon: 6 Simple Strategies

Are you selling products on Amazon and wondering what you can do to increase your sales?

Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world, and there are currently 112 million Amazon Prime accounts. Each day, Amazon ships an estimated 1.6 million packages.

Amazon’s popularity is a double-edged sword for online sellers. On one hand, putting your products in the biggest e-commerce store in the world can be great for business. On the other hand, there are thousands of other accounts you’ll have to compete with.

Because the competition on Amazon is so tough, increasing your sales can be difficult. But increasing your sales on Amazon is possible if you follow the right steps. Read on to learn how to increase sales on Amazon.

1. Register Your Brand

Registering your brand is one of the easiest ways to increase your sales on Amazon. By registering your brand, you eliminate the chance of someone selling counterfeit products under your brand name.

So while registering may be costly and time-consuming, obtaining a trademark is a necessity. Registering your brand will also give you access to Amazon’s A+ Content feature.

This feature will allow you to display information regarding your brand’s mission, values, and more. You’ll also have the opportunity to describe your products beyond the standard bullet point format. Providing your customers with this extra information will help establish brand trust, and in turn, improve your sales.

2. Work With Amazon Influencers

Working with Amazon influencers is another great way to increase your sales. When consumers research products, they often start by looking for reviews from trusted sources.

In fact, around 95% of customers read reviews before purchasing a product. Influencers are another trusted source for recommendations in addition to online reviews. Another study found that 49% of consumers take the recommendations and advice from influencers into account when buying products.

Amazon offers two different ways for brands and influencers to work with one another. The Amazon Influencer Program allows influencers to set up their own page on Amazon where they can showcase the products they recommend to their followers. There is also Amazon’s Associate’s Program, which is one of the largest affiliate marketing programs in the world.

This program helps bloggers, publishes, and content creators monetize their site traffic. Content creators insert links on their site that lead to products on the Amazon store. Any time someone purchases a product through the link, the content creator gets a commission.

Working with influencers in these programs can be a great way to extend the reach of your brand. To set up partnerships with influencers, start scouring the web for prominent figures related to your brand. For example, if you sell home goods on Amazon, start browsing through popular home decor blogs. Then, you can pitch to the bloggers about link placements for your products that lead back to Amazon.

3. Write Great Product Titles

A product title doesn’t just help Amazon figure out how to categorize your products. It also helps buyers more easily find your products. If written the right way, product titles can also entice consumers to buy your products.

What does into a great product title? Here’s everything that goes into a great product title:

  • Numerals (as opposed to written out numbers)
  • Spelled out units of measurements
  • Title casing (capitalizing the first letter of each word)

Your product title also needs to include your brand name, the product size, the product color, and any relevant keywords.

4. Run a Sponsored Product Campaign

A sponsored product campaign allows you to make your brand more visible to consumers. All you need to do is select the products you want to advertise and decide how much you’re willing to spend per click on each ad.

You also need to choose the keywords you want to connect with your product. Based on the selected criteria, Amazon will create an ad that appears in highly visible spots, either on the first page of the shopper’s search results or near the bottom of a product detail page.

The great thing about running a sponsored campaign is that you can set your budget ahead of time. This way, you know exactly what your costs will be and you never have to worry about overspending.

You can also work with a company like Upstart Inc. to increase your sales.

5. Push for More Reviews

As we mentioned earlier, consumers place a lot of trust in reviews. However, you need to approach asking customers for reviews the right way. Otherwise, you’ll come off as completely disingenuous and annoying.

To encourage customers to leave reviews, follow up with an email after they buy your product. Ask if they’d be willing to write a review on behalf of your Amazon listing page.

It can also be helpful to include a note in your product package. Ideally, handwritten notes are the best, as they show that you truly appreciate your customers.

And, don’t be afraid to remind people on social media once in a while to review your products. Don’t offer any incentives (this isn’t allowed). Instead, explain to your customers how much reviews help your brand grow.

6. Sell to Your Existing Audience

Many times, when people think about increasing sales on Amazon, they think about selling to new customers. However, it’s often a lot easier to sell your products to existing customers.

To increase sales to existing customers, we suggest building an email list. Then every time you launch a new product, send out an email newsletter.

You should also create social media accounts and encourage your customers to follow you.

How to Increase Sale son Amazon: Time to Act

As you can see, there’s a lot you can do to increase sales on Amazon. By implementing these tips, you should see your sales improve in the coming months.

For more tips related to Amazon selling, check back in with our blog.

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