How to edit your PDF files on Mac easily with PDFelement for Mac


    If you regularly send or receive PDF files over the Internet, you may need to edit them. In order to make your life easier, this guide shows you the easiest methods to edit PDF for free on Mac.

    How to edit PDF with PDFelement on Mac?

    PDFelement is powerful PDF editing software with an intuitive interface. It is a cross-platform business solution that enables editing of PDF files on Windows and Mac. Here are some of the many features available in Wondershare PDFelement:

    – PDFelement allows users to edit all aspects of their PDF files, including images, text, backgrounds, and page numbers. It is also possible to rearrange, merge and split PDF documents.

    – Numerous export options and various conversion tools

    – PDFelement allows users to export documents in many different formats, including PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, RTF, and plain text.

    – Powerful optical character recognition (OCR) tools

    – This software includes powerful OCR functionality, capable of translating scanned documents into fully editable and searchable text.

    Here are the steps to use PDFelement for Mac:

     Step 1: Download and install PDFelement

    You can download PDFelement directly from the Wondershare’s official website. Once your file has downloaded, double-click on the PDFelement installer and follow the instructions provided to complete the installation. You can also download the software on the App Store. It’s also available for iPhone users. So if you’re an iPhone user, you should learn more about PDFelement for iOS.

    Step 2: Open the PDF file you want to edit

    Launch PDFelement by clicking on its icon via the Launchpad (OS X). Click Edit PDF, then browse your computer to find the PDF file you want to edit. Select the file and click Open. You can also drag your PDF file directly into the application or click the Open button located in the lower left corner of PDFelement, then the Edit button on the toolbar located at the top of the interface.

    Step 3: Start making your changes

    Once the document is open, you will notice an editing tool menu located directly above the document view window. The buttons in this menu allow you to add, delete or modify text, images, links, header content, footer content, backgrounds and page numbers. You will also be able to crop pages, add watermarks and perform optical character recognition on the document, which will convert the text in scanned images to fully editable text. You can click directly on the PDF file to set the location where you want to add a new item or click on an existing item to edit it. Whenever you click on a pre-existing item, a dialog box will appear on the right side in order to present you the options available for that item.

    Some item types will have different editing modes. For example, when adding text, you can choose between line and paragraph editing modes. The intuitive nature of the application makes it much easier to edit PDF files.

    Image editing

    Editing images is also very easy. When you click on an image, the dialog box on the right presents various options, including replacing, cropping, and rotating the image. You can resize images by dragging them around the corner of the selected image. It is a very intuitive way to edit PDF files.

    It is also possible to add and delete entire pages or change the order of current pages using PDFelement. To do this, click on the Pages button via the top menu. You will be taken to a window that will show a preview of the PDF page. The menu above the page preview window changes and now displays page options, including rotate, delete, insert, replace, extract, split, add page labels, and add page functions. page boxes.

    Protecting and Signing

    You can also protect your sensitive PDF documents by giving them password. You can also sign them with digital signatures.

    Step 4: Save your file

    Once you have made the necessary changes to your PDF file, you can save it as PDF or convert it to another format. PDFelement offers many format choices including Rich Text Format, Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office PowerPoint, Electronic Publishing (.epub), and Hypertext Markup Language (HTML).


    To be honest, you can edit PDF with Microsoft Word on Windows or Preview on MacOSX, but for advanced editing tasks, a program such as PDFelement is the best choice. This tool is so powerful and easy to operate that even a beginner can pour all his creativity into PDF documents without any trouble. We hope this article has provided you with useful insights. Thanks for reading!

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