How to Convert PDF to Word Online

    How to convert PDF to Word Online? The PDF editing process can be explained as editing users’ digital documents via online platforms. Editing documents full of information on the Internet, transmitting prepared documents, or learning from these files has become a convenient process with the development of technology. The method of saving edited PDF documents is also essential. In this context, we will answer the question, ‘How to convert PDF to Word online?’ and shed light on editing PDF files, primarily through online PDF editors.

    There are multiple ways to convert a PDF file to PDF to Word. We have compiled 3 of these ways for you:

    PDF to Word Online

    1)  Convert PDF to Word by Google Docs

    You must log in to the platform to perform the conversion process via Google Docs. Then, using the open file shortcut, you can select the desired PDF document and perform the download in Word format by right-clicking. Since the file will be included as a PDF on the Google Docs platform, performing the download process is essential for the conversion process.

    PDF to Word Online

    2)  Free PDF Conversion via Word

    After downloading the Microsoft Word application to your computer, enter the folder where the PDF file is located. Click the open with option on the PDF file and select the Microsoft Word option. If you can’t view Word among the options, you can find the Word format from the ‘more options’ window and operate it. Although it is possible to convert your PDF file to Microsoft Word format after this free method, it is worth mentioning that the images will not be transferred to the new Word file created.

    PDF to Word Online

    3)  Converting PDF to Word online via online PDF editors

    The simplest method is to convert PDF files using online PDF editing tools. You can perform this process in minutes through any online PDF editor that offers the Convert PDF to Microsoft Word feature.

    Select the ‘Convert PDF to Word’ feature from the tools section on PDF editing platforms and upload your document. After this process, your conversion process takes place automatically. After processing, you can continue editing your document and, if necessary, perform the conversion process from the final version.

    Top 5 PDF Editors

    We have compiled online PDF editors for you that will allow you to get the Converting PDF to Microsoft format online service. You can choose the one that suits your needs from the following 5 platforms, which differ in terms of pricing, beneficial tools, and usability practicality:

    PDF to Word Online4

    1)   GoPDF

    GoPDF, which offers solution suggestions for all kinds of operations that users may need during the editing process of PDF files and makes it possible to perform editing operations within a minimum period whenever possible, also offers a free use option. Users can only start using all the features provided by logging in to the platform. With this PDF editor, which also offers various other features such as AI chat with PDF, adding signs to PDF files, and encrypting PDF files, you can add a completely different professionalism to the PDF editing process through this PDF editor.

    PDF to Word Online5

    2)   iLovePDF

    You can convert your files from the iLovePDF platform, which develops PDF editing tool options, focusing mainly on converting PDF files. The platform, which also touches on the titles essential for converting operations, such as Excel and OCR, through their developed products, also promises an easy-to-use and straightforward user experience.

    PDF to Word Online6

    3)   PDF2Go

    PDF2Go, a web design that aims to make all editing tools accessible to the user to complete the PDF editing process in a minimum time, is a helpful editor. It allows you to convert PDF to Word or other formats in seconds.

    PDF to Word Online


    The freePDFconvert site, developed based on the PDF editing process, contributes to users mainly by providing conversion options. It is a beneficial site for users who want to convert within a minimum period without devoting time to any other processing.

    PDF to Word Online

    5)   PDFCandy

    The PDFCandy platform, which stands out with its many PDF editing tools, makes many operations that users may need possible quickly. The application, developed to increase working efficiency, is one of the best online PDF editing platforms and successfully serves its users.

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