HomeHow to choose the right windows for your house?

How to choose the right windows for your house?


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Windows are the home’s most essential yet ignored aspects while building a new home. Choosing the right windows for your new home can be overwhelming, especially when so many options and varieties are available in the market. We are here to cover different types of windows in the trend that can be an excellent fit for your homes. 

The first thing that anyone notices from outside the home are a windows from Swish. To give your home a trendy yet elegant look installing windows that are best suited cannot be an easy task altogether. 

1) Single Hung Windows- 

In single-hung windows, the bottom part can be moved and tucked inside while the upper part is exposed to show the outside world. The upper part can be either fully packed or made with designs to show the exterior view. These windows give a different feel and trendy vibes to your new home. 

These windows are also cost-effective, and color combinations can be worked on per the exterior and interior of your home. 

2) Two-door windows- 

Two-door windows are those windows with two-way openings that give a full view of the outside after opening. These windows look great in homes with exquisite nature or for people who prefer a fresh breeze of air in their homes. 

White color, two doored windows look elegant with the exterior and the interior of the home. Choose the color and designs as per your home vibes. 

3) One doored windows- 

One doored windows from Swish have only one opening from the window. These are also called casement windows and can be either hunged from inside or outside the house. One-doored windows are easy to operate and friendly for everyone. These have been installed at homes for so many years. A lot of light will come inside from these windows and give your home a fresh airy vibe. 

4) Pictured windows- 

The picture windows do not have an opening from any side. They are transparent windows with different designs. The space between those designs is either left open, or glass is attached over there. The room is left for viewing the outside view and a part of the design. The designed windows look elegant and something more creative than regular windows. They also give a great look from outside the house. 

5) Transom Window- 

Transom windows are tiny and made as a part of the design and interior designs. They are placed right above the doors, which gives a very different yet exquisite look to the doors. 

They are only for showcase purposes and do not serve much use. 

6) Sliding Windows- 

Sliding windows have a slider door that is easy to operate and very flexible. The doors are sliding toward the outside or inside. They provide good ventilation for the home and fresh air to enter inside. 

Conclusion: We have discussed some very quickly used and installed windows in homes. But the decision to choose windows differs for everyone, as per their interiors, color combinations, and other factors. 

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