With advancements in technology, the limo business industry is growing. Over the past years, there has been an immense growth and an upgraded quality of service delivery in the industry. This is attributed to the availability of Limo booking software. The software comes with amazing dispatch features, hence allowing you to simplify your operations.

As a limo service company, you only need to explore different and unique features of the software to stay relevant in the game. The extensive suit helps you to offer quality and timely services to your clients. Comfort is of utmost importance to clients.

With the latest advancements in the travel industry, you need to harness the power of the software to ensure your clients feel safe, comfortable, and ensure their travel needs are met efficiently. With such services, you stand a chance to witness immense growth in the limo business.

How the extensive suite can simplify your operations

For your clients

The extensive suite comes with amazing features for your clients. It is connected to your limo business to help your clients access the nearest limo driver or service around them. With the software, clients can easily book for a ride from the comfort of their workplace or home.

The dispatch software allows for advance booking of a limo. A client doesn’t have to wait to for long for the limo to arrive. In case the nearest driver declines the request for a ride, it can be sent to the next nearby limo driver. Based on client preference, the booking can be to a specific driver or directly to the nearest taxi.

The software also offers the convenience of choosing the most preferred destination as a drop off point. If a client wishes to cancel the ride, he or she should offer a valid reason for the same.

The app comes with a highly effective, functional and reliable GPS system. This means that the limo can be tracked from the time it picks up a client, until it reaches the destination. With such a feature, a client can share the location with friends and family via the sharing option.

Therefore, the suite simplifies a wide range of booking, dispatch and travel operations for the client, driver, and limo service provider.


The app also makes payments for services easier. Often, a debit or a credit card is used. The app displays all the billing and payment information about a specific ride. The information can also be accessed on mail.

Extensive suite benefits to a limo company

Having dispatch software is of great benefit to your company. It plays a significant role in ensuring smooth operations. You can always dispatch a limo driver to clients whenever and wherever. This saves a great deal on time, and it makes the manageability of your business simpler. Remember, tracking and monitoring limo drivers manually can be a daunting and inefficient task.

However, when you have the software, reaching out to clients becomes easy. What’s more, it promotes fairness when handling your employees. Note that the nearest driver is dispatched to a client nearby.

The software also promotes your brand visibility. This is attributed to the fact that clients love convenience, when it comes to accessing taxi services. If they love how fast they can access your limo, you will definitely enjoy excellent reviews and great referrals. With increased brand awareness amongst your target audiences, eventually, your limo company grows giving you the best ROI.

In addition, the extensive suite makes your operations more flexible. You and your clients enjoy real-time connectivity. Time is of the essence in any business. The software, therefore, allows you to maximize your flexibility for increased productivity.

With the software, clients enjoy easy gateway payment methods. The system is highly interactive, and with on-time payments, your business enjoys growth. Your business will not stand still due to delayed payments.

In addition, the software comes with a highly interactive user interface. It is easy to use and this is further enhanced by the availability of amazing social media features. Clients can share about their travel experiences with friends and family, review the limo service, and promote your limo service across the networks they are active in. This helps in promoting your brand awareness, and in reaching out to more clients.

The GPS feature on the extensive suite also simplifies your operations by helping you to track your limousines. Every detail of a specific limo is automatically updated in the database. This means you can keep track of every activity or rather movements that a driver makes effectively.

The GPS also enhances the safety of your clients. When clients feel safe, they will also become loyal to your business. With such, you benefit from increased brand awareness and high ROI.

The taxi dispatch software is feature rich for all users to ensure smooth operations. It allows you to stay in control while at the same time, enhances professionalism and quality service delivery to your clients. Remember in business, your reputation and brand image matters a lot. With the software, you can build a solid reputation and take your business operations to a whole new level. Some of the most impressive features of the dispatch software include:

  • On time online booking for clients.
  • Global live travel or flight status.
  • Quality integration with GPS for accurate travel times and mileage.
  • Record details of the limo and drivers.
  • Automated database for enhanced safety.
  • Timely bookings and dispatch of limo drivers.

In a nutshell, the software allows you to operate your limo business in an automated platform. The software streamlines a wide range of operations including booking, dispatch, and payment processes. It gives you the opportunity to keep up with the latest trends in the limo industry and maximizes your productivity.


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